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Colfax girls begin first ever golf season

COLFAX — Three girls who have spent plenty of time around a golf course, will be part of Colfax sports history when they start competition on the first girl’s golf team for Colfax High School this week. Senior Whitney DeMoe brings her experience from playing on the boys’ team the past three spring seasons to the girls’ team this fall. She was the only member of the team to advance to the sectional meet for the Vikings her junior year. Senior Allie Yingst and sophomore Hannah DeMoe round out the team but coach Kim Myers hopes after school begins a few more girls may decide to come out for the team.

Myers is not new to starting up girls’ golf teams as she was the first coach for Prescott High School back in 2001.

Colfax will not be in a conference this year but will compete in a regional meet and can qualify for sectionals and the state meet. Whitney hopes her experience from competing at sectionals will help her this fall and she has set her goal to reach the state level. Hannah and Allie want to improve throughout the season and be ready to compete at regionals October 2. The team practices at Whitetail Golf Course and all three girls have spent a lot of hours on the course over the summer.

“We would like to see all three of them advance to sectionals this year,” coach Myers said. “They have been practicing hard already and are eager to start competing. It’s hard to judge where we stand since we haven’t played against any other teams before and don’t know the level of competition we will be facing. But the girls are willing to work on improving their game,” she added.

Only two meets are scheduled so far, Aug. 22 at Hayward and Aug. 27 at Amery but Myers anticipates having a few more after the season gets going.