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Colfax School District awarded $900,000 loan from BCPL

MADISON – On August 6, The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL) approved nearly $6.6 million in State Trust Fund Loans to support eighteen projects in twelve municipalities and three school districts in Wisconsin.

Loans approved include Colfax School District – Chippewa and Dunn Counties, $900,000 for financing energy efficiency projects.

 With income generated by State Trust Fund Loans, and not a single taxpayer dollar, BCPL provides all of the state’s financial aid to public elementary, middle and high school libraries; $30.1 million in 2013 alone.  A complete list of the 2013 library aid distribution by school district will be found here: (

State Trust Fund Loan monies come from the principal of the state’s Common School Fund enhanced by revenue generated by fees, fines, forfeitures, unclaimed property and timber sales.

The Board also approved the purchase of 1,531 acres in Forest County from Crandon Timber.  The purchase of the property will produce revenue for the School Trust Funds through future timber harvests.  The property is adjacent to an existing block of School Trust Lands.  Its purchase will improve public access and the agency’s timber management efficiencies while reducing the threat of forest fragmentation.  A payment in lieu of taxes equal to the current landowner’s will be made annually by the agency.

Established by the State Constitution, BCPL consists of the Secretary of State, Doug La Follette; Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen; and State Treasurer, Kurt Schuller.

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