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Remembering Jim Hill

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – James E. Hill may have recently passed away, but he didn’t leave this earth untouched as he placed his mark on the world by helping to change the lives of others through his work as a counselor at Libertas Treatment Center.

Jim’s desire to help others came from his own personal experience, dealing with a family that had alcoholism and depression in it. With that, he began his career as a counselor after graduating from Glenwood City.

After high school, Hill went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Vocational Rehabilitation from UW-Stout. He took his education and went to Nashville for a few years and then to Green Bay where he became one of the original counselors at the Libertas Treatment Center, working to help individuals overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Hill spent 22 years at the facility making a difference in people’s lives, but due to health issues he officially retired in 2011 as the Clinical Supervisor.

Jim suffered complications from a life-altering accident that left him paralyzed at 16 years old when he was accidentally shot in the back.

Despite what happened in his youth, Hill’s family shared that Jim never felt sorry for himself and he continued to live his life doing what he loved.