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College transition video available on YouTube

Students entering college this fall may have already attended orientation, met their roommate, and purchased items for their dorm room.  What they may not have thought about is the personal preparation needed to become a successful college student.

 This is a time of huge change. It is exciting and fun but with it comes responsibility. No longer tethered to Mom, Dad or teachers, students have choices and decisions to make both academically and personally that will impact their lives forever.

UW Extension has created a program called Are You Ready? The College Transition.  One of the authors, Joan Sprain, St. Croix Co. UW Extension Family Living Educator and parent of two successful college graduates, says “college orientation is great but it is not enough to fully prepare students.  There is a lot more to think about including how to manage this new found freedom. Although it sounds appealing, students will no longer have the adults “telling them what to do”.  They are on their own to make choices about spending money, who they will hang out with, whether or not to study, and whether or not to drink at a party.”

Sprain and her UW Extension co-authors created a video, available on YouTube, This video shares advice from college students on ways to handle the multitude of decisions new students will face.

For more information, contact the St. Croix County UW Extension Office at 715-531-1930.