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Family is Forever: A new book about the personal history of Phil and Doris Herdahl

by Ruth Herdahl

“We didn’t know anything about allowances, and were quite satisfied to get to go to the Reeve Fair once a year and have a nickel or a dime to spend. And we always looked forward to getting that 5-cent ice cream cone on the Fourth of July” (an excerpt from Family is Forever: A Personal History by Phil and Doris Herdahl).

At ages 93 and 88, Phil and Doris (Newville) Herdahl, couldn’t begin to list the changes that have taken place in their lifetimes. With some prompting, though, they have always been willing to share a few memories with friends and family. As one of their daughters, I could re-tell a few of their stories but even my best account would only be a dull, second-hand version of theirs.

In her fourth book, my sister, Sharon (Herdahl) Knudson, has taken on the challenge of writing Phil and Doris’ personal history. Family is Forever is the result of hundreds of hours of interviews. In doing so, Sharon has tapped a wealth of information and memories of what life was like before automation and the internet changed the landscape of America forever. The book is written to have wide appeal.

Formatted in an interview style, Family is Forever has 250 pages with 150 pictures that recount stories of growing up during the Great Depression, what dating was like in the 1940s, and the realities of life during World War II. It talks about farming methods and all the ‘ins and outs’ of running a household and raising kids in the mid-twentieth century.

Please join us for a booksigning and dedication party on August 11, 2013 at the Boyceville Community Center (corner of Hwy. 79 and Charlotte Street). Coffee, cake and punch will be served between 1 and 4 pm, and there will be a short program at 2 pm.