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Colfax Health and Rehab – 7-31-2013

OK, who took July? It went by too fast for everyone here. We are going to be living in our new building before we know it. Staff, residents and their families are packing. In the meantime residents are enjoying their regular scheduled programs and classes.

 On Monday and Tuesday we had devotions, reading and exercise in the morning. Monday afternoon the south dining room was filled with the delightful sounds of “Magic Mary Faerber”. Many residents came up to the microphone and sang their favorite songs while Mary played the piano.

On Tuesday afternoon the Bingo players played and after they took their prizes back to their rooms many returned for “Happy Hour”.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Wollman led the Church service and Delores Huber accompanied him on the piano. Linnea and Veda were here to assist where needed. Veda came and volunteered every day this week. In the afternoon we had Beauty Boutique scheduled but instead we had a Blue Bird Show or Tell given by Evelyn Nelson’s granddaughter Kari. She showed bird houses and how they attracted certain birds by how they were built and where they were placed. She also built one for us.

On Thursday morning we had Mass for the Catholic resident’s. Our regular “Volley Ball Game” was played in the north dining room. What a great way to get exercise. In the afternoon it was “Off to the Races” in the activity area.

On Friday morning Glen led the Gospel Sing with Delores again accompanying him on the piano. Our ever faithful volunteers were here to help with the program. Dime Bingo kept many busy in the afternoon. We pass a vending cart late Friday afternoon and the dimes come in handy for residents who want to get special eats and treats for the weekend.

On Saturday residents went to REX Classes and played Hollywood with Shannon.  The new facility’s open house was held on Saturday from 2 to 5. Coffee and cookies were served and tours were given. Many people in the community took the opportunity to tour. We will be moved into our new facility on August 1st.

Until then that is some of what we did here in the land of Colfax where the men are strong and the women are good-looking!