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David (Butch) Jensen Honored at The Highground During Legacy Ceremony

On Saturday, July 13, 2013 a stone placement ceremony took place at The Highground Veterans Memorial Park near Neillsville, Wisconsin. Friends and family came to honor David (Butch) Jensen.

Jensen served in the US Air Force, 1968, in Vietnam. He joined the Wisconsin National Guard later in his military career. Stone sponsors included: wife, Denise, Children, Wendy Erdman and family and Shawn Jensen and family. Others in attendance to this dedication ceremony were Dave and Normetta Hureburt and Sam and Libbie DeTrent. What a wonderful way to honor him with a stone near the Vietnam Tribute at The Highground. The Elk Mound Boy Scouts Troop 71 were invited to present colors during the ceremony. After camping at The Highground and presenting colors, the Troop visited the Learning Center, toured the tributes and continued with volunteer work that was very much appreciated by staff.

Jensen was chosen to help with the spreading and harvesting of the earth. This puts a connection between all stone ceremonies at The Highground. From the first stone ceremony, a vial of soil was harvested and saved. This earth is then saved and spread at the next ceremony before new earth is harvested and saved for a future ceremony. During the talking circle this vial is attached to the microphone for all to touch making a connection with each other also.

Visitors had the opportunity to visit The Learning Center where a WWII Exhibit: The Ghost Army is on display. With the weather cooperating, a wonderful day was had by all who came.

The Highground in Neillsville is a 148-acre manned veterans memorial park that pays tribute to the dead, and honors the survivors, their service, and their sacrifices. The Highground fulfills its mission of healing and education by bringing past lessons into our hopes for the future. We seek to have The Highground continue to be a focus of healing for all who come, regardless of the name of the battle which left the scars. The park includes tributes to veterans of WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as a National Native American Vietnam Memorial, a Meditation Garden, a handicap accessible treehouse, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell, Effigy Mound, a Learning Center (with a library) and four miles of hiking trails. Coming soon is the Wisconsin Persian Gulf Tribute! Located three miles west of Neillsville on US Hwy 10, the park is lighted and open to visitors year round 24 hours a day.

“More than for all veterans, more than for those who did not come back, The Highground is a place for all of us.” Incorporated in 1984 as the Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Memorial Project, Inc., this grass-roots effort continues only because of the dedication of countless individuals, families, organizations, and businesses who have given of their time, talents, and financial resources. Volunteers and Contributors are the Heart of The Highground. The Highground is a place for all of us.

Stone Placement Ceremonies are scheduled each month now through October. Contact The Highground at 715-743-4224 for more information.