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Colfax Health and Rehab – 7-17-2013

The week went by very fast. There were many opportunities for our residents to get out of their rooms and enjoy the wonderful summer weather. Every Sunday Grace Lutheran Church broadcasts on both TV and radio. Residents appreciated the delectable Sunday dinner and visits from friends and family. Leona Ubbelohde often visits on Sunday. She seems able to charm and comfort everyone.

 On Monday and Tuesday mornings residents come to the resident lounge for devotions, current events and a bit of morning exercise. Monday afternoon many resident’s went to the 1pm REX Class. At 1:45 residents gathered in the south dining room very curiously to see the star of our “Show or Tell”. A blue and gold Macaw 3 feet tall named KIKI arrived comfortably perched on his owners shoulder. Scott Strickhouser and parrot KIKI live in Eau Claire. Scott has owned KIKI for several years and told us “He is a good Boy!” Scott said Macaws bond with only one person and he has to spend several hours a day playing and training his “Boy”. The parrot entertained us and then we gave residents an opportunity to have their pictures taken with KIKI. We are always seeking people who have an interesting hobby, collection or have taken a trip who would be willing to share their agenda with our residents.

On Tuesday afternoon the Bingo games began. Veda was here to help. Residents filled their bags with many treats. The Happy Hour in the Activity Area was ready for business at 3:30. Cheese and crackers, chips and beverage of choice were served to our regular Happy Hour customers. Every Tuesday is Senior Citizen Day, so drinks are on the house.

On Wednesday morning Deloris Huber led the Church Service and played the piano for the hymns. She is very talented and we appreciate her very much. Veda and Linnea were here to help where needed. Wednesday afternoon The Bethany Bible School children came to sing the songs they had learned. They were so sweet and sang so well. Following their performance the Beauty Boutique opened and we did manicures until late in the afternoon. We serve coffee and treats before, during and after the manicures.

On Thursday morning the Blue and Gold Volleyball teams lined up and Veda was here to help. Taek came from Menomonie to do special hand treatment. The south dining room was filled with music at 2pm. Lenore Berg and Chuck Kirkwood played for more than an hour. The Anniversary Waltz was played in honor of Ruby Halfin and her husband who were celebrating their 67th Wedding Anniversary.

On Friday morning Loretta Logslett led Rosary for our Catholic residents. The Gospel sing was led by Glen Edberg.  Delores Huber accompanied him on the piano. Besides being an accomplished musician Glen was seen earlier in the day watering the flowers he had planted in front of the dining room. We are so blessed to have these volunteers. Veda and Merle were also here today helping with Dime Bingo.

Saturday was another beautiful day and many residents attended the Hollywood game, went out for walks and just enjoyed the day. That is some of the news from the land of Colfax where the men are strong and the women are just down right beautiful.