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Sand Creek Chatter – 7-10-2013

Martin Tandberg was up at the “crack of dawn” on the morning of Saturday, June 29th, as he was the “chief in command” in the Pancake Department at the Hungry Hollow and Steam Engine event near Rice Lake.

People from Sand Creek attending were: Dick Clemmens, Carol Anderson, Elaine Toycen, Doris and Herb Tallman, Bob and Mary Hanson, Jerry and Sandy Timm, Kenny and Sharon Nelson, Gerhard Nyhus, Rod Dahl, and Alden and Jeff Berg. All involved enjoyed Marty’s fluffy pancakes and sausages.

Amy Smith, daughter of Gene and Bonnie Peterson has returned from her two year commitment in Jerusalem as a U.S. State Dept diplomat. She will soon be moving to her new post in Christ Church in Barbados.

Sandy Anderson, of the Golden Hide, sold her crafts at the Indianhead Arts and Craft Show at Airport Park in Chetek on Saturday, July 6th and Sunday, July 7th. She will also be doing a demonstration making Birch Bark Baskets on Wednesday, July 10th in Dallas at Farm Technology Days.

The Anderson families had a picnic in Riverside Park on July 5th. Attending were: Glenn and Margie Anderson, Carol Anderson, Sandy Anderson, Harlan and Lana Anderson, Mary and Bob Hanson, Sharon and Karen Hegna from Minneapolis, Norma and Bob Klimke from Cedarburg, WI and Kristen, Isaac and Luke Anderson.

Michael and Marian Brasher drove out from the cities to help Marian’s mother, Lillian Wendlandt celebrate her July 7th birthday.

Snort Gilberts has been in the Bloomer Hospital for the past 10 days. His son, Mark and daughter Cindy brought him to Sand Creek on the afternoon of July 4th for “steaks” in the home backyard after which Snort was returned to the hospital for further therapy involving 3 times a week. Snort has appreciated company with so many stopping in to visit him.

Nancy Erickson brought Swanee Rassmussen to the Bloomer Hospital on the evening of July 3rd where she remained until Saturday, July 6th when Bonnie Peterson brought her home to Morningside Apartments. Pastor Bob Koepp, Elaine Toycen and Pastor Barb Koch visited Swanee on July 5th.

Elaine Toycen had noon lunch with her brother, Orwin Sparby and nephew, Paul Sparby in the Hetzel’s dining room in Bloomer on Friday, June 28th.

Joe Lindquist was just released from a year’s service in the Far East. Joe and his friend, Jennifer were met at the Eau Claire airport on July 4th by his mother, Sue Favero and grandmother, Elaine Toycen with plans to visit family members for 10 days.

Guests on July 4th at George and Delores Vlcek’s farm were: Palmer and Nancy Tollefson of Eleva, Wes and Charlene Vlcek of Eau Claire, Rick Flinn of Rice Lake, Harold and Diane Vlcek, Scott and Brian Vlcek, Isaiah and Elijah, Nathan and Amy Vlcek and Hunter.

June 30th marked the date of the Gilbert’s Reunion when about 50 people gathered at Riverside Park. Out of town relatives were Avis Dieseth and sons from Des Moines, IA, Denny and his wife Noreen Gilberts of Cumberland. Sand Creek relatives included Kenny and Sharon Nelson, Lillian Wendlandt, David and Janice Wendlandt and family, Alden and Gert Berg, Paul and Lou Ann Gilberts, and John Gilberts, as well as, many others.

Debby and Brad Carr and Daine are here from California. Brad’s parents, Tim and Betty Carr and Brad’s brother, Matt Carr all came from Oshkosh, WI and were present to attend Daine’s being baptized at New Hope Lutheran Church on Sunday, July 7th with Pastor Barb Koch presiding. The Baptism was followed by a family reception held at the home of Kenny and Sharon Nelson. The event included other relatives as well.