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Dirt track racing on July 5

By Kelsie Hoitomt

Dirt track racing is in full swing and despite some cancellations due to rain, a few area locals were still able to get their cars on the tracks and compete in Menomonie and New Richmond.

The latest racing took place on Friday, July 5 at Red Cedar Speedway with Boyceville’s Ricky Hanestad starting his night off out front in the eight lap, heat race. There was an 18-lap make-up feature from June 21, which resulted in a fourth place finish. Then in the 20-lap feature, the track didn’t allow for much action so he sat in third place behind Adam Hensel and Jake Redetzke.

Also taking his car to the track was Ron Hanestad in his street stock. He landed himself a first place trophy in the make-up feature after starting on the pole and maintaining the lead throughout the 12 laps. He ran shy of first place in the main, 12-lap feature after Sam Fankhauser flew past the competition for the win to put Hanestad in second.

Competing in the hornet race was Eric Schultz of Downing, Buddy Hanestad of Boyceville and Brent Voeltz and Jess Seim of Glenwood City.

Schultz cruised into first place for back to back victories in the main eight-lap feature as well as in the six-lap make-up feature. He led on the pole in the make-up race, but had to work his way up front in main feature after starting in fourth. On his tail in the main race was Voeltz who finished second; Hanestad took fourth and Seim was seventh. Hanestad also raced in the make-up feature and took third.

The latest racing action at Cedar Lake Speedway was Saturday, June 29, which featured three area locals.

Again it was Voeltz and Buddy Hanestad who competed in the Hornet race. Voeltz jumped to an early lead and held strong to that for a first place finish. Hanestad worked his way into the second position around the third lap, but fell behind and landed in fourth place; he did take a heat race victory.

Moving into the big motors was Ricky Hanestad in his number 71 Late Model. He placed fifth in the heat race and then finished in fourth in the main event against 13 other drivers. First place went to Brent Larson of Lake Elmo.

The next scheduled races will be the typical race times of Friday night in Menomonie and Saturday in New Richmond.

Results from earlier in the season as well as future events can be found on each race track’s website.