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Colfax Health and Rehab – 7-3-2013

Wow! We had an entertaining week. The week started with our regular schedule programs like devotions, current events and reading. REX Classes were well attended as usual with lively exercise at 1pm and 6pm.

 On Monday afternoon our Wheel of Fortune game focused on getting a little familiar with the names of the things in our new building like East Ridge Dining, Birch Lane, Cedar Lane, and other names and amenities. With a large map on display we had fun pretending to go from one place to another. It is only 29 days before moving day!

On Tuesday the bingo hall was ready when everyone came to win some prizes. Happy Hour in the activity area featured cool beverages and conversation while residents listened to their favorite tunes. Veda was here to help and later took several residents out doors for some fresh air and sun shine.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Hal Schroetter from Barum & Big Elk Creek Church in Elk Mound led our church service. Pastor Hal reminded us that God provides for our needs, not always what we want. His messages are always well received and appreciated. Linnea came to help residents where needed. Wednesday afternoon when the Beauty Boutique opened there was a line of people ready to have their nails manicured. Pampered hands are happy hands!

On Thursday morning the volleyball teams lined up and faced off. It is not easy to play volleyball while sitting in a chair, but the stretching and reaching out helps to keep limbs limber. Thursday afternoon many residents watched a movie. Taek came to do special manicures for several residents. Veda came to help. While the movie played preparations were underway for the Annual Ice Cream and Pie Social at 6pm. We had many rainy storms during the week and some worried about our plans to have the Ice Cream and Pie Social outdoors. The evening could not have been more perfect. We had a nice breeze, warm weather and shade for the residents and their families to enjoy while eating pie and ice cream. To add to their pleasure they were entertained by Al’s Polka Pals. Al Melville played his accordion. Henry Rubenzer played his guitar while they sang many polkas like “Blue Bird Waltz” and “Rockin’ Rhythm Polka”. Special thanks to all who volunteered their time to help make this event a huge success!

On Friday morning the rain clouds filled the sky. Inside was filled with beautiful music. Glen Edberg led the gospel sing and Delores Huber accompanied him on the piano. Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents.  Linnea and Veda were here to help where needed. In the afternoon Dime Bingo in the south dining room kept everyone busy. Merle Roth was our caller. Coffee and treats were served after the game.

On Saturday residents gathered to play “Hollywood with Shannon”. After a very busy week residents were glad to relax. Sunday Grace Lutheran Church was broadcast on both radio and TV. Leona Ubbelhode visited and charmed many residents with her humor and smiles. Those are the highlights of the last week in June here in the land of Colfax where the men are ingenious, the women are clever and the children are very happy to have summer vacation.