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Local residents donate blood in honor of Geissler

COLFAX — 50 people took time out to donate blood at a special blood drive held in memory of Dennis Geissler June 20 in the Colfax High School gym. Geissler is the former elementary and high school principal as well as superintendent for the district, and was very active in community service before he passed away last fall, according to his daughter Erin Flug-Geissler.

“My dad was very dedicated to helping others and he donated blood whenever possible,” she said while visiting with donors throughout the day. “He always encouraged his students and co-workers to help others whenever possible.”

Although Erin, who now lives in New Richmond with her family, works for the Red Cross, she is not usually involved with the actual donating process. She is the co-ordinator for the distribution of the blood after it is brought back to the main center in St. Paul and makes sure the blood gets sent to hospitals or where ever it is needed.

“It’s a job where I know I am helping people which is what my dad inspired me to do,” she said. “He would be honored to know this drive was in his memory and that so many people are willing to give their time to donate blood which will ultimately help others,” she added.