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Colfax Health and Rehab – 6-26-2013

Father’s Day Sunday started our week with many family members visiting their loved ones.

On Monday afternoon we had a special Father’s Day program. Father’s Day cakes were generously donated by Colfax Arts and Antique Mall. When coffee and the treats were served, the residents talked about the special memories of their fathers. That was also a treat.

On Tuesday we had Devotions, Reading Group and Exercise. We thanked God for our blessings, went over current events and limbered up our bodies. At 2PM the south dining room was converted into a bingo hall. The Bingo days are lively and well attended by residents and family members alike. Veda was a huge help as usual. Tuesday afternoon means Happy Hour! This week we had a special presentation by our administrator Jill. She was the tour guide showing photo slides of the new building. Residents were very pleased to see the spacious rooms, private bathrooms, and the overall beautiful surroundings they will be living in.

On Wednesday morning Pastor David Sands from Hay River and Ridgeland Lutheran Churches led the service. Communion was served. Delores Huber was our Pianist. Linnea helped where needed. Wednesday afternoon the south dining room was a concert hall at 2PM. Rich Schroeder entertained everyone with his wonderful music. Later in the day River Boat Randy entertained residents. Residents are given simple musical instruments and many keep time to the rhythm of his tunes.

On Thursday morning the volleyball teams lined up and played a great game. The team work is fun to watch. In the afternoon it was “Off to the Races” which is a Magnetic Horse Racing Game.. Taek played along with the residents which made the event much more fun. It is a 10 horse race. Residents each gets $500.00 to bet on their favorite horse. The winning horses were “Tomorrow’s News” from Argentina, “Zip in Zip Out” from New Zealand and “Spherical” from USA.

Friday, the first day of summer, started with a thunderstorm. It rained cats and dogs or as one resident said “It’s raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock”. After a warm comforting breakfast, residents who are Catholic went to Rosary. Loretta led Rosary. Glen and Julie led our Gospel sing. Delores Huber was our pianist. Veda and Linnea were here to help. Merle Roth was the caller for our Dime Bingo game in the afternoon.

We have many activity programs during the week. However, many of the events would not happen without the support of the volunteers. Some come for a morning or afternoon; some help for the better part of the day. A thousand thanks to you all for your time and talents. The residents and staff appreciate you more than you know!

Time is marching by as we get nearer to our move date. We still need more help with the move. If you can help call Laura at 715-962-3186 and she will let you know where help is needed. That is just some of our fun for this week here in the land of Colfax where the men are getting tired of moving the grass and the women are thankful they haven’t had to water the gardens.