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Colfax Health and Rehab – 6-19-2013

Sunday is always a special day of the week. Residents had family birthday parties in the afternoon and the evening. Sue Hill added to the atmosphere by taking out the bread machines. The aroma of bread baking was much wonderful. Sue served the fresh hot bread with homemade strawberry jam.

 On Monday and Tuesday mornings residents gathered in the resident lounge and had devotions, talked about current events and did a fair amount of exercise.

On Monday afternoon many residents were on hand to play the Giant Cross Word Puzzle. Coffee and treats and much conversation followed the game.

On Tuesday afternoon tables were ready with bingo cards when the residents entered the room. Veda was here to help with games. Bingo remains one of the favorite activities. Happy Hour followed bingo. Residents munched on chips and sipped the beverage of their choice.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Barb Koch from New Hope Lutheran Church in Sand Creek led the church service. Pastor Barb also provides the music with her guitar accompaniment. We are very blessed to have the ministers who come for our church service. Many residents attended the REX Class at 1 o’clock. The Beauty Boutique was open at 2pm. Residents could have their nails manicured and polished. The hardest thing for residents to do all week is to decide which nail color to choose!

On Thursday morning the Blue and Red volleyball teams faced off. The game was tied and in a last ditch effort a Red team player hit the ball and up it went. The problem was it did not come back down. It was lodged in the chandelier! The afternoon’s program was music with Dale Martell. Dale plays many instruments and is very entertaining. Coffee and treats were served after the program. We never know what the kitchen is going to serve for treat, but they are always scrumptious.

On Friday morning Loretta led the Rosary for our Catholic Residents. Glen and Julie led the Gospel Service. Delores Huber was our pianist. Linnea and Veda were here to help the residents. The flowers in our court yard were planted by the 22er’s 4H Club and Glen planted the flowers outside the south dining room windows. Thanks to all of you for the beauty you brought to the outdoors for our residents to enjoy! In the afternoon the Dime Bingo game was dedicated to the United States flag to honor Flag Day. Each resident was given a flag to wave when they had a bingo. Sue Hill brought in cookies with a flag motif to be served with coffee after the game. Merle Roth was here to help with the festivities.

On Saturday afternoon the residents enjoyed the sun in the court yard and played Hollywood at 2pm. Next week on June 27th we are having our annual Pie Social. We are hoping for good weather so residents and their families can all listen to the music by Al’s Polka Pals while enjoying their pie and ice cream. In just 44 days on August 1 we will be moving into our new building. If you will be helping us and haven’t contacted Laura please do as soon as possible. Call 715-962-3186.Prior to moving in we are having an open house on Saturday July 27 from 2 to 5. Everyone is welcome. That’s about it for this week here in the land of Colfax where the men are in the fields working and the women are working to get the fields out of the laundry.