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Foslid arrested on five more felonies, Laundromat burglarized

Colfax PD has a busy week

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX — Former Colfax resident Jacob Foslid has been charged with five additional counts of felony bail jumping.

Foslid was seen in violation of a “no contact” order with Samantha Osterberg, 18, on June 5 after being charged with battery to an unborn child following an incident involving Osterberg that happened in March.

The Colfax Police Department was involved in a vehicle pursuit with Foslid on June 5, said Colfax Police Chief Pete Gehring.

Although the officer lost sight of Foslid’s vehicle, the car was relocated a short while later, and Foslid fled into the woods on foot, he said.

The Colfax Police Department requested the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department’s tracking dog to track Foslid, and the sheriff’s department assisted in apprehending Foslid, Police Chief Gehring said.

The 21-year-old Foslid has been charged with five counts of felony bail jumping, knowingly fleeing an officer and also received a citation for a cracked windshield, which was the original reason for stopping Foslid, he said.

Foslid’s current address listed on court files is in Eau Claire.

A $5,000 cash bail has been set for Foslid, who was scheduled to make an initial appearance in Dunn County Circuit Court June 10.

Foslid has 18 open court files in Dunn County, including felonies, misdemeanors and traffic and is charged with numerous counts of possessing various drugs, possession of drugs with intent to deliver and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Osterberg was charged in connection with incidents involving Foslid as a party to a crime for three felonies of possessing marijuana with intent to deliver, possessing methamphetamine with intent to deliver and possession of methamphetamine along with misdemeanor charges of possessing marijuana and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Osterberg pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of possessing marijuana in Dunn County Circuit Court March 8.

Judge Rod Smeltzer withheld sentencing and placed Osterberg on one year of probation and ordered her to complete 20 hours of community service.

Foslid has a history of failing to show up for court appearances in Dunn County.

According to online court records, Foslid also is currently charged in Eau Claire County with felony bail jumping, battery and disorderly conduct.


Donald J. Binder, 24, of Colfax, was arrested June 3 after being caught on camera at the Colfax Laundromat carrying burglary tools, breaking into the coin-operated machines and stealing money.

Binder also was suspected of burglarizing the Laundromat three days earlier, Police Chief Gehring said.

And on May 31, a private citizen filed a complaint that Binder had entered his house and had taken a fishing tackle box with an estimated value of $750, he said.

Police Chief Gehring said he had alerted local businesses to be on the look-out for someone attempting to spend a large numbers of quarters, and Binder was caught trying to spend a bag of quarters at Cedar Country Cooperative.

Binder is charged with three felony counts of burglary, two counts of possessing burglary tools, criminal trespass to a dwelling, and also is charged with two counts of damage to property for breaking into the machines at the Laundromat, Police Chief Gehring said.

Binder was scheduled for an initial appearance in Dunn County Circuit Court June 10.

Petty theft

Jesse R. Larson, 25, of Colfax, was arrested for petty theft and disorderly conduct following an incident at the Dollar General store in Colfax on May 14.

Larson was arrested again on June 8 for domestic disorderly conduct and bail jumping, Police Chief Gehring said.

Larson was transported to the Dunn County Jail and was turned over to jail staff, he said.

The Colfax Police Department had numerous contacts with Larson prior to his arrest for the incident at Dollar General, Police Chief Gehring said.