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Colfax Health and Rehab – 6-5-2013

The week was a bit cold and rainy. It was not an ideal way to watch the Memorial Day parade on Monday. Thank goodness for the big windows in the south dining room. Residents lined up by the windows and were able to see the parade go by. We honored our fallen heroes. Overall we had a memorable day playing Patriotic songs and conversations. A movie about life during the war years was watched by many.

On Tuesday morning we had our regular devotions, reading and exercise. In the afternoon residents were ready for the bingo game and Veda was there to help. The game lasted just over an hour and was followed by Happy Hour in the activity area. Socializing on Tuesday afternoon has become a good time for friends to sit around and shoot the breeze. The 6PM REX Class participants had great fun while playing bounce ball. One never knows who is going to throw the ball to whom, so everyone has to be on their toes (not literally because everyone is either in a regular chair or a wheelchair.)

On Wednesday morning we had our church service with Pastor Craig Conklin from Colfax & Tainter United Methodist churches leading the service. Linnea was here to help. Delores Huber played the piano. In the afternoon we had Beauty Boutique. The manicures are very appreciated by the residents. Half of the fun is just picking out the color. Mmm…Do I want Pink Frost or one of the other 35 colors? Some of the residents had their hair done in the Beauty Shop prior to Beauty Boutique. They all looked pleased to be pampered and pretty as they made their way back to their rooms.

On Thursday morning we had resident council. Our Dietary Manager talked about some of the new dining in the new building in August. Breakfast, which is the favorite meal for nearly everyone, will be served just like a restaurant. When residents come to their table they will be able to order anything they wish. Food will be cooked to their specifications. In the afternoon Carrie Christianson the music teacher and her 6th grade choir gave a delightful performance. They sang, danced and played instruments. One young gentleman played a beautiful piano piece. We took a picture of the residents and the students. The contrast in ages is a testament of how much we all have in common. We still enjoy each other’s company.

On Friday morning Loretta led the Rosary for our Catholic residents. Residents gathered for gospel sing at 10:15. Delores Huber once again played her beautiful music and Julie led the sing. Linnea and Veda were here on Friday to help with Gospel sing. The  REX class at 1pm was well attended by residents stretching and getting limbered up. The RNA Joyce keeps residents moving and we all know if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. The RNA also walks people and helps residents who are unable to exercise with passive range of motion. Merle comes in the afternoon to call the bingo numbers. The Dime Bingo game is always well attended and people leave with a smile and a tinkle in their pockets and purses.

On Saturday Shannon was here to help residents stay busy. She leads a game of cards at 2pm. She takes people out for walks and spends 1 to 1 time with many. Leona Ubbelohde spent time visiting on Sunday morning. There are 58 days until we move into the new faculty. Those were the highlights for this week here in the land of Colfax where the men are dapper and the women are dandy.