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Colfax Health and Rehab – 5-29-2013

Spring has arrived! Sunshine and spring plants in the garden outside the windows greeted the residents as they came for breakfast this weekend. We have waited longer than usual to go out for a walk, sit in the sun and get some fresh air. Everyone seemed more cheerful when they went to devotions and reading on Monday morning. Lively exercise in concert with laughter warmed resident hearts and hands. Our REX Classes at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. classes are organized and structured with exercises that are recommended by our physical therapy department.  Some residents go to all the exercise classes on Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday afternoon it was “Off to the Races”. Each resident is issued betting money to place their bets. One of our residents bet on #7 and won all three races. There are 10 horses in the field and residents roll one dice to see which horse moves and then another dice to see how far it runs.

On Tuesday morning we were treated with a program given by the 85 fifth grade students from Colfax School. Carrie Christianson conducted the program which consisted of many songs including a few solo performances. Many in the choir were also in band. They played their selections and did wonderfully well considering they were first year students in band. In the afternoon the Bingo crowds gathered in the south dining hall. Sue called out the numbers, Veda helped and Cathy passed out the prizes. Happy Hour after Bingo was a welcome respite after a busy day.

On Wednesday morning we had our regularly scheduled Church service. Pastor George Schweitzer led the service and Deloris Huber was our pianist. Linnea was here to help residents where needed. The afternoon entertainment was provided by Jim Radloff. Jim plays the piano with a ragtime tempo. There was not one person in the hall that was not tapping their toes or clapping the hands to the familiar tunes. Jim will be performing on August 1 in our new facility. River Boat Randy came in the evening and played his guitar. He entertains every other Wednesday. The residents look forward to “easy on the ears” music.

Thursday morning’s volleyball game got us in the mood for the coming Memorial weekend. We listened to John Philips Sousa Marches as we played. The afternoon shindig was a “Show or Tell” by Bill Tice. He showed pictures and spoke about his trip to Honduras to drill wells. His church has been there several times. They help many villages get fresh water where none had been available in the past.

On Friday morning Loretta led the Rosary class for our Catholic residents. Glen led the Gospel Sing and Delores played the piano. Veda and Linnea helped transport residents and assist them with their song books. The Friday afternoon program was Dime Bingo. Merle called out the numbers. Coffee and treats were served after Bingo.

Saturday the long weekend began. Residents had company and went to the regularly scheduled REX Class. Hollywood in the afternoon was well attended.

Sunday the warm weather returned after many days of rain. Many residents went out in the court yard to enjoy the weather. In 63 days residents will be sitting in the beautiful new facilities courtyards! That is some of what transpired here in the land of Colfax where the men are always manly and the women are feminine naturally.