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Kysa Franseen: BHS Valedictorian

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — The Valedictorian of the Class of 2013 at Boyceville High School is Kysa Franseen who earned an overall grade point average of 4.253.

Kysa is the daughter of Eric and Tracy Franseen.

Kysa is a talented athlete and she shared that one of her most memorable moments in high school came during a game.

“First memory that comes to mind was my sophomore year when our softball team traveled to Elmwood for a game. I was up to bat and hit my first over the fence homerun. I was so excited and in the midst of that excitement and giving my teammates high fives, I forgot to touch home plate so I got called out and yelled at by the coach and I still to this day have not lived that moment down,” shared Franseen. “My second most memorable moment would be my junior prom; I was voted prom queen and spent the night dancing with friends.”

Other memorable high school moments revolve around a trip to Italy and time spent with friends in Science Olympiad.

“The summer before my junior year I got the opportunity to travel to Florence, Italy for three weeks with my two friends to visit our friend Margherita, who had been an exchange student. It was such an experience to meet new friends, tour Italy, eat amazing Italian food and learn their culture. I also cherish my time in Science Olympiad and traveling to tournaments with the team. Memories of competing all day and then eagerly waiting for awards ceremony to begin fill my mind. I really remember the team unity that we all had and the thrill and booming cheers when someone earned a medal. Through it all, the greatest things have been the friendships formed during all my extra-curricular activities,” she said.

Not only was Science Olympiad a favorite, but also science classes like Physiology, Anatomy and AP Biology were among Kysa’s favorites in high school.

“I am just fascinated by the world around me and how things work. Through these classes I have been able to put understanding to things I wondered about as a young girl as well as choose a major and possible career path in life. Learning things about the human body that could potentially help me help someone else gives me a feeling of purpose,” explained Kysa. “I want to thank all of the great teachers at Boyceville who have made my learning experience what it has been and for inspiring me to always do my best in all aspects of my life.”

Kysa had no problem keeping herself busy throughout her high school years as she was in a variety of extra-curricular activities not only in school, but in the community as well.

“I have participated in volleyball, basketball, softball and Science Olympiad for four years. I have also been on Student Council for four years, serving as President my senior year. As a Class Officer I have held positions of Vice President my sophomore and juniors years and again President my freshman year as well. I am a member of the National Honor Society and was in band my freshman and sophomore years. I recently participated in the spring drama performance for the first time. In addition, I volunteer at Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire and teach Sunday school at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church where I am a member,” Kysa said.

As stated, Kysa has found her possible career path through the classes she has taken and has become very fond of while in high school. This will carry her into her future plans of college.

“After graduation I plan to spend the summer working to help pay for college and spend time with my friends and family. This fall I will head off to the big city of Madison to attend UW-Madison where I plan to major in Biology. After that, I plan to continue going to school until I can pursue a career in some sort of healthcare related field. All in all, I want to be able to help others while pursing my passion of traveling the world and making people smile” expressed Kysa.