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EMHS valedictorian: Sidney Cater

ELK MOUND — Sidney N. Cater, the daughter of LeRoy and Becky Cater, is the valedictorian of the Elk Mound High School Class of 2013.

Sidney took time out of her busy end-of-senior-year schedule to answer a few questions for the Colfax Messenger.

1. Describe the most memorable event that happened while you were in high school.  My first memorable event in high school is meeting the friends that I have now. I have been in the Elk Mound School District since kindergarten, but Anna, Quinn, and Sarah were new my freshman year. It took almost half of the year for us to become friends. This is because I already had my group of friends, and they seemed shy. I’m so thankful that we became friends; we have made a lot of great memories. I know that I can always count on them no matter what.

Another memorable moment was my freshmen Winter Lavinrac dance. It is an informal, crazy dance that my school holds in place of Winter Carnival. The seniors that year were something else. They all dressed really crazy, and one guy was wearing booty shorts. My friends and I had a great time laughing and dancing the night away. That was my first high school dance, and I won’t forget it anytime soon.

2. List your favorite high school classes. Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy and Physiology) were my favorite classes. I first became interested in science in my second year of high school because of my science teacher. She actually became my favorite teacher. I just love how science is very hands on and you can experiment with it. Through science, I feel like I learn something useful. From punnett squares to stoichiometry to arrector pili muscles, I have learned so much. I will always remember the majority of what I learned in these classes, but I will never forget the relationship I have with my teacher.

English (English 9, Novels, and Advanced English) also were favorite classes. Most people don’t like both science and English, but I’m odd in the fact that I enjoy them both.

My favorite things to do in my English classes are read, discuss readings, write, and edit. I have always loved reading, and more recently learned of my love for editing. I learned about editing marks, reading comprehension, writing, and so much more. I will always remember Jane Eyre, which ended up being one of my favorite books.

3. Provide a list of activities in which you were involved during high school. Volleyball, Softball, Class Officer (President and Vice President), Yearbook, FFA, National Honor Society, Students Supporting Students, Science Olympiad, and a lot of Community Service (309 hours through my church).

My favorite activity was Science Olympiad. I love science so it seems pretty fitting. It was fun to learn more and apply my knowledge. We were a new team this year, and we made it to State. Even though no one from my team placed at State, it was a really fun experience to go.

I also really enjoyed my community service. I loved doing a variety of activities and helping out when needed. NHS was really fun too. My favorite part was doing the Polar Plunge. This year was my second year jumping, and I plan on continuing to participate in the upcoming years.

4. What are your plans after graduation? I am currently working at Gordy’s County Market and will work there over the summer. I will also be going to a lot of graduation parties. Through my church, I am going to Rochester, New York, on a mission trip for one week. My last summer adventure will be going to Door County with my friends for one last hurrah before college.

5. Are you planning to attend college or technical school? I’m going to UW-La Crosse in the fall. My plan is to become a physical therapist, so I want to major in kinesiology. I love science, and I really want to go into the medical field. So I believe kinesiology is the perfect major for me.