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In Memoriam – Brent Bergeson – 5-1-2013

In Memory of Brent Bergeson. 

As I close my eyes and go back in time to that tragic night, April 29, 1988, I think of the Christmases, birthdays, along with other things I have missed sharing with you. I think of all the tears and sorrow I have felt.

My hope was of this just being a bad dream. To have you give me one more hug or smile. Having your friends include you in their lives and future.

At this time, the word future gives me two different meanings of the word. For others it gives such a wide range of dreams and hopes to come. But your future with us is gone.

Even in this dream, I don’t know how many dreams of my ever losing you could be any worse or last this long. I wonder each year how I am able to live this long since your death.

With my eyes still closed, I now see why. I see teachers, I see friends, I see relatives. Above everyone, I see see two most clearly. I thank these two from the bottom of my heart. These two are your sister and brother. Their love and support each day turned those days into the years since.

So now telling of all the things I loved about you would certainly take more than one newspaper column. It would probably take 25 years, because that’s how long I have thought of and missed you.

My dreams of what traits and characteristics you might have living amongst us are so much like that of your brother and sister.

I thank God for them and ask Him to continue to bless them.



In Loving Memory of Our Brother Brent, who was taken from us on April 29, 1988

Tick Tock
The sound of a clock
Counting the minutes, days and
Ever loud in our ears.
Time has gone by
When I think of you I still cry
Life has gone on and people have
But I still have to wipe away the
For the pain is still there
Only slightly dulled by the years.
Love, SHAWNA and COLE 
(Poem written by Shawna).