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Colfax Health and Rehab – 5-1-2013

The week started Monday morning when we woke up to revel in our regular scheduled Monday Snow Storm. We had Devotions at 10:00. Residents like to get together at the beginning of each week to give thanks for their blessings. An interesting story was read. Similar stories were shared by some residents. One resident said he had some bee hives when he was younger. He told us he tended his bees without a shirt because if he were stung it helped his arthritis.

In the afternoon Sue Hill came to help us finish a bird house painting project we had begun the week before. We have the little bird house displayed down by the activity area.

Cathy led devotions on Tuesday. She went over current events and got everyone ready for the day with a little exercise. The Bingo hall opened in the afternoon. Merle called out the numbers. Coffee and treats were enjoyed at 3:00. Happy Hour started in the activity area at 3:30. Some Tuesdays there is a full house at Happy Hour.

On Wednesday, Barb Koch from New Hope Lutheran Church in Sand Creek led the Morning Church Service. Linnea Thompson one of our volunteers was here to help where needed. A special Italian meal was this month’s diner experience. The activity area had red and white checkered table cloths. Centerpieces were baskets with a wine bottle and grapes. It was very festive as we played Italian music to improve the already charming atmosphere in the Activity Area. One of our favorite entertainers came in the afternoon. Rich Schroeder is so talented. His guitar and sound equipment keeps the toes tapping. Once again thank you Rich.

On Thursday morning the snow was melting, and so were we when the volleyball game ended. We cranked the tunes from the fifties and the volleyball flew around the room. What a great fun way to exercise. The diner was also opened on Thursday at 11:30 for the residents who could not get reservations on Wednesday. In the afternoon we had a movie and popcorn event. John Wayne movies were the resident’s choice.

On Friday morning Glen and Julie led the Gospel Sing and Delores Huber was our pianist. Loretta led the Rosary for our Catholic residents before the Gospel Sing. Linnea was here to help. We had a Volunteer Appreciation Lunch at the Farm House on Main Street at 11:30. We cannot do enough for these wonderful people who give of their time and talents. In the afternoon we played Musical Dime Bingo. Merle came and helped where needed. He can always cheer up anyone with his humor.

On Saturday, Shannon was here to entertain and led the Hollywood Card Game. A promise of beautiful spring weather and a chance to get outdoors was the best part of the week here in the land of Colfax where the men are looking happier and the women are waiting to open the windows and get some soft spring air into their homes.