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Glenwood City FFA gives awards at annual banquet

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City Future Farmers of America (FFA) held its 73rd annual chapter awards banquet in the school’s commons on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.

Gabes Rabb, the 2012-13 Section 2 State FFA Vice President and a member of the New Richmond FFA, was the ceremony’s guest speaker.

FFA members, parents, and guests enjoyed a fine meal but the highlight of the evening was the numerous awards given to Glenwood City FFA members, alumni, and community members at the annual banquet.

Top Honors

Four of the highest honors that any Glenwood City FFA member can earn are the Star Greenhand Degree Award (top first year member), Star Chapter FFA Degree Award (top second year member), Outstanding Third-Year Member Award, and the DeKalb Outstanding Senior Award.

The 2012-13 honors were presented to four deserving local members. Jim Buttles was honored as this year’s Star Greenhand, Kaitlin Konder received the Star Chapter Farmer Award, Jenna Magsam was chosen as the top third-year member, and Kaylin Spaeth was tabbed as the outstanding senior for her years of work in a variety of FFA activities including serving as this past year’s chapter president.

Mrs. Lisa Jagielo, FFA chapter advisor, made the presentation of the top honors.

Degree Awards

16 first-year FFA agricultural students earned Greenhand Degrees and the corresponding bronze pins. They are: Jim Buttles, Jordan Frederick, Hogan Chouinard, Dillan McGee, Dan Piasecki, Danichell Wilson, Wesley Franklin, Abby Kahler, Morgan Gedatus, Mitch Weyer, Nathan Cassellius, Ben Lovgren, Allison Curvello, Mitchell Hurtgen, John Garland, and Noah Cline. To receive the Greenhand Degree, members must have met the following qualifications: 1.  Must be enrolled in an Agriculture Education class; 2. Must be familiar with the purpose of FFA; and 3. Recite the Creed of the FFA. The bronze pins presented to each successful candidate bears the FFA emblem and represents hardness and endurance, qualities it is hoped will carry each member far in the FFA organization.

Chapter FFA Degrees were also conferred upon 14 second-year members. Receiving the award were: Maggie Jordheim, Kip (Samual) Wallace, Shaina Nabbefeld, Tyler Doornink, Ethan Barker, Kaitlin Konder, Brandon Roberts, Jackie Jordheim, Eli Spielman, Donovan Fornal, Stephanie Caress, Karyssa Lieffring, Kyle Peterson, and Alyssa Wannemacher. Recipient requirements are: 1. Must have received the Greenhand Degree; 2. Completed at least two trimesters of Agriculture Education; 3. Must have an occupation experience program; 4. Earned $150.00 by their own efforts in the supervised agricultural experience program; 5. Have participated in at least three local FFA activities; and 6. Have a satisfactory scholastic record. Chapter FFA Degree winners each received silver pins and certificates.

Third-year member awards were presented to two chapter members. Both have been dedicated to the FFA for three full years.  The third-year members are Jenna Magsam and Jordan Hill.

Glenwood City’s four-year FFA members have shown great dedication and commitment to the program. They are: Haley Tiberg, Matt Pieper, Kaylin Spaeth, Renita McCluskey, Chris Wagner, and Brandon Cassellius.

Sales Awards

This year’s recipients have helped the FFA raise a lot of money, which helped members attend many leadership activities throughout the year. Members sold fruit and worked at the football concessions stand.  The top sales recipients this year are: Kaylin Spaeth, Abby Kahler, and Maggie Jordheim. Each received a certificate and stainless steel FFA water bottle.

State FFA Band

For a second consecutive year, Jenna Magsam was recognized for representing Glenwood City this past year in the State FFA Band. Magsam played trumpet in the band at the State FFA Convention and Wisconsin State Fair. Magsam was selected for the honor over many other musicians throughout the state.

FFA Letters

For a third straight year, FFA members can now earn a letter. Advisor Lisa Jagielo worked with a team of co-curricular teachers at Glenwood City High School to allow lettering in school clubs and organizations.

In order to letter in FFA, members must fill out an application that outlines the minimum requirements the include: three years of FFA membership, success in an FFA contest above the regional level, a solid SAE and proficiency, community leadership involvement, and a minimum of two events at the state and national level.

This year’s recipient of the FFA letter was Kaylin Spaeth.

Point System Awards

Members earn points for everything they do in FFA.  The members must apply for this award.

The following received a FFA USB car charger and a certificate for earning 2,000 points or more. The gold-rated point earners are: Kaylin Sapeth, Abby Kahler, and Maggie Jordheim.

The following received an FFA basketball and a certificate for earning 1,400-1,999 points. The silver-rated point earners are: Brandon Cassellius, Haley Tiberg, and Jim Buttles.

The following received a “Rockin the Ag Swag” keychain for earning 1,000-1,399 points. The bronze-rated point earners are: Kaitlin Konder, Chris Wagner, and Mitchell Hurtgen.

Career Development Teams

This year Glenwood City FFA again had four teams compete at the River Falls CDE Judging Contest. The chapter also had a pair of members participate in the FFA Speaking contests.

Dairy Cattle Evaluation Team was comprised of Kaitlin Konder.

Veterinary Science Evaluation Team members included: Alyssa Wannemacher (6th individually), Danichell Wilson, and Kaylin Spaeth.

The Floriculture Team members were Abby Kahler and Erin Drinkman.

The Livestock Evaluation team placed. Team members included Kip Wallace and Jordan Frederick.

Kaylin Spaeth participated in the Job Interview Speaking Contest and took first at both the district and sectional competitions and will be advancing to state. She also participated in Discussion Contest taking a first at District but did not advance to state.

Kaitlin Konder participated in the Discussion Contest and placed third at districts. Konder also competed in the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest and placed first at districts and came in third at sectionals.

Wesley Franklin took second at districts in Prepared Speaking and third at sectionals on a speak he wrote about the history of John Deere.

Jim Buttles participated in the FFA Creed Contest this year at the speaking contests but did not advance on to sectionals.

PALS Team Recognition

The Glenwood City FFA has been promoting agricultural literacy the past few years at the elementary school level through the PALS Program. FFA members interested in PALS filled out an application and were expected to come to bimonthly training meetings and lessons. Throughout the year, the PALS team taught the fourth grade classes about fall harvest, Maple syrup production, crops, animals, and much more. PALS Team members recognized  included: Haley Tiberg, Shaina Nabbefeld, Jenna Magsam, Maggie Jordheim, Brandon Cassellius, Eli Spielman, Steph Caress, Kaylin Spaeth, and Erin Drinkman.

Volunteerism Awards

The local chapter recognized 13 volunteers that helped work and chaperone many different chapter events. Recipeints of this year’s Volunteerism Awards are: Bonnie Walters, Tim Buttles, Bill and Vicky Spaeth, Eric Klatt, Eric Stahl, Kevin Bonte, Pam Cassellius, Bob Swanepoel, Darla Magsam, Kayla McGee, Duane Zielsdorf, and Molly Nerby.

Retiring Officers

The retiring FFA officers were also recognized. Outgoing officers were: Kaylin Spaeth, president; Brandon Cassellius, vice president (students); Erin Drinkman, vice president (community); and Chris Wagner, vice president (chapter); Maggie Jordheim, treasurer; Kaitlin Konder, treasurer; Haley Tiberg, reporter; and Steph Caress, sentinel. Mrs. Lisa Jagielo is the chapter’s advisor.

New Officers

The installation of the new officers for the upcoming year was one of the last items of business at the annual banquet. The 2012-13 officers are: President – Kaitlin Konder; Vice President – Wesley Franklin; Secretary – Jenna Magsam; Treasurer – Jim Buttles; and Reporter – Erin Drinkman.