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The Rockpile – 4-17-2013

We had a couple more leagues hold their championship roll-offs this past week. On the Wednesday Nite Ladies League, “Anderson Funeral Home” brought home the championship, beating out “Family ChiroCare”, who were last year’s reigning champs. Their team is made up of Mary Anderson, Dori Thompson, Carlla Lingerfelt, Linda Klinger, Betsy Ellevold and Cindy Thompson.

The Senior League also bowled their championship match this past week. “Woodville Insurance” went head-to-head against my “Leaker’s” crew. Woodville Insurance had it together as they were victorious over Leaker’s by winning 92 pins in total pins. The Woodville Insurance team consists of Gaylord Johnson, Dave Schroeder, Jerry Cassellius, Dave Forrest and Roger Ludtke. Congratulations to all the 2012-2013 champions. I’ll list the remaining championships next week.

We had a couple more people roll 700s this past week. Bryan Cress bowled a 717 series on the Hometown League and John Hager got his first “700” of the year with a 710 on the Hometown league.  The Hometown and the Town and Country Leagues roll-off for championships this week.

This Week’s Momism: “Don’t MAKE me stop this car!!”

Birdie with a yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill, cocked a shining eye and says: “I hear your new car is shot in the rear…Axel!!” Bee Boop!!

Jeff Foxworthy on Wisconsin

You might live in Wisconsin if…

• If you have worn shorts and a parka at the same time…you might live in Wisconsin.

• If you have a pet or child named “Brett”…you might live in Wisconsin.

• If your local Dairy Queen is closed from November through March…you might live in Wisconsin.


The following story came from Jerry Sutliff of Colorado.

The state patrol found about 200 dead crows on a bridge and they were concerned that they may have died from Asian flu so they called in a pathologist to examine them. He found that they had not died from the flu, to everyone’s relief.

He determined that the crows had been killed while eating road kill on the bridge and that they had nearly all been killed from being hit by trucks. They then wondered why few if any crows were killed by cars.

A bird behaviorist expert was called to make a study and he quickly determined that when crows eat road kill they post a look-out crow to warn them of impending danger.

His conclusion was that all look-out crows could yell cah! cah! cah! But none of them could say truck.

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Mick Lauber – Blaine, MN.

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