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Colfax Health & Rehab – 4-17-2013

It was raining. It was pouring. It was snowing. Inside we pretended it was really spring, with warm sunny days and the grass getting green. But you can’t fool Mother Nature. Spring must be right around the corner, after all they say three snows on a robin and spring will be here. We were “Springing” into some new activities this week.

Leona Ubbelhode visited with residents in the morning on Monday. We had devotions and then discussed current events. Monday and Tuesday mornings’ activities were similar. Following the news we stretch and exercise. Monday afternoon Sue Hill led the Giant Cross Word Puzzle game. It is a new activity that residents seem to enjoy. Tuesday afternoon is our regular bingo day. Tuesday afternoon we have Happy Hour at 3:30.

Wednesday morning is our regular Church service. This week Pastor Craig Conklin from Colfax & Tainter United Methodist Church led our service. Delores Huber bundled up and despite the weather, came to be our pianist. Delores is like the mail men. Neither Rain nor Snow stops her from delivering beautiful music for our Church Services. Linnea was here to help and later she played cards with a resident. Wednesday afternoon it was “Off to the Race Track”! Each resident was given $500.00. Cathy helped residents place their bets. The horse that won the most races was #8 Nobody’s Biz. This powerful black filly was bred at a farm near Galway, Ireland. Nobody’s Biz displayed sizzling early speed and talent. All the horses are from different countries. Residents are looking forward to our next horse race event. River Boat Randy was here in the evening to play his guitar. He gives two performances, one at 5:30 on the unit and one after the REX Class in the north dining room.

On Thursday morning we played volleyball. We get a little flamboyant, laugh and cheer each other on. It is great exercise and great fun! The afternoon program with Dale Martell had to be cancelled. Dale lives in Minnesota. I-94 between Hudson and Menomonie were not in the best driving condition. Instead we had a movie and popcorn in the afternoon. The movie was a silent movie called “The Artist”. The movie is an Academy Award winner that takes place in Hollywood in 1927 about the advent of the talkies and interlinked destinies.

On Friday morning Loretta led the Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen and Julie led the Gospel Sing. Delores was once again our pianist and Linnea came to help where ever she was needed. In the afternoon Merle came to help the Popple Creek Church Ladies host an April Birthday party. We played dime bingo and after the game the ladies treated residents to an ice cream sundae and birthday cards. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness.

On Saturday there were REX Classes at 1 p.m. and at 6 p.m. These classes are scheduled every day of the week including week ends. Shannon was here to play Hollywood in the afternoon.

Once again that’s the highlights of our week here in the land of Colfax, where the men are tired of plowing and the women are weary of shoveling.