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Colfax/Elk Mound School Lunches – 4-17-2013

Colfax/Elk Mound School Lunches – 4-17-2013


April 22: Chili cheese wrap, lettuce salad, sour cream, carrots, fresh fruit.

April 23: Mini corn dogs, baked beans, cottage cheese, California mixed vegetables, peaches.

April 24: Chicken alfredo casserole, broccoli florets, garlic sticks-lettuce salad, fruit choice.

April 25: AuGratin potatoes, ham, green beans, bread choice, pear sauce.

April 26: Chicken fajita, roasted red and green peppers, Spanish rice, black beans, fruit choice.

Elk Mound

April 22: Italian dunkers, salad, carrots, peaches or fresh fruit.

April 23: Chicken alfredo on penne pasta, broccoli or green beans, pears or fresh fruit.

April 24: Pizza bobs, spinach & romaine salad, corn, pineapple or fresh fruit.

April 25: Chicken pattie, potato wedges, baked beans, squash, applesauce or fresh fruit.

April 26: Fish strips, sweet potato fries, coleslaw or peas, mixed fruit or fresh fruit.

* Menus subject to change.  Milk choice available daily.