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Colfax Health and Rehab – 4-10-2013

Spring is here at last, if only on paper. Spring is the time of the year that we are all waiting for, but it also ushers in summer. It is very exciting because it means that there are only 112 days until we move into our new facility. Many of the staff had a chance to tour the building this week. There is much work to be done, but they are on schedule. It is very big and beautiful!

On Monday Leona Ubbelohde visited with many residents in the morning. We had a Resident Council meeting in the afternoon. That is a good monthly event that gives the residents a chance to voice any concerns they might have. They bring good ideas to the meetings. We discuss outings, menus and other issues that are on their minds. Sue Hill was here to help and visit with residents.

On Tuesday morning residents attended devotions. We went over current events and did some stretching and exercise. In the afternoon we had the residents’ favorite program, Bingo. Ashley’s sister brought in a new litter of puppies. Some residents cuddled the small puppies while they played bingo. 3:30 Happy Hour in the activity area was available for anyone who wanted to have a little more social time before supper.

On Wednesday morning Pastor David Sands from Hay River and Ridgeland Lutheran Church led the worship service. Delores Huber was our pianist. Linnea helped transport residents to the service. We are very blessed to have church services here every Wednesday morning. Most of our residents are unable to go out to church at their home churches. In the afternoon the Beauty Boutique was open. Nails were trimmed, filed and given a warm water soak. The residents left polished and pampered. We had puzzles and mural painting in the Activity area for those who were waiting. Manicures are offered free of charge.

On Thursday morning the Red and Blue volleyball teams gathered in the North dining room. Look for a short video on our Facebook. “Like” us on Facebook and see how much fun we have. Thursday afternoon we had a “Show or Tell”. Pastor Schoenknecht gave us a visual tour of his trip to Greece. He followed in the footsteps of Paul. It was so interesting and we learned much about the journey. Pastor Schoenknecht is traveling to Italy in the fall. He will be putting together a presentation for later this year. The coffee was served with cake from Lynn’s Brewed Awakenings at 603 Main Street Colfax. This new coffee shop has much to offer. 24 people tasted the cakes and everyone gave them a Thumbs Up. They were beautifully decorated and very scrumptious.

On Friday Morning we hung up our second “Think Spring” wall mural and started our third. Everyone participates and they are very colorful. Loretta led the Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen and Julie led the Gospel Sing at 10am. Delores played the piano. Linnea helped gather and assist residents with their books. The afternoon Dime Bingo was played with a twist. Instead of regular bingo cards we ordered new Musical bingo cards. We had fun learning how to play. Coffee and treats continued the socialization until residents went to their rooms to get ready for supper.

The weekends are quieter and many people have visitors. Shannon has a variety of programs she does on the weekend. Our Newsletter is on our website That about covers the highlights here in the land of Colfax where the men are always happy and the women keep them that way.