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Colfax Village Board and Village President candidate: Scott Gunnufson

By LeAnn R. Ralph

COLFAX —  Many people agree that technology can make our lives much easier. Technology can also make our lives more difficult.

Colfax village board and village president candidate Scott Gunnufson e-mailed his response to the Colfax Messenger candidate questionnaire on January 31.

The Colfax Messenger staff had no idea he had e-mailed the information until Scott Gunnufson sent the information again on March 24.

Gunnufson currently is serving on the village board as a trustee and will be on the ballot April 2 for both trustee and village president.

Village trustee Chris Olson also is running for the positions of village trustee and village president.

Gunnufson, 36, is a programming analyst with Andersen Window Corporation.

Village president

1. Why did you decide to run for the position of village president? I wanted to become more integrated within the community for finding solutions and leading efforts of growth for the village.

2. What aspects of your background make you particularly suited for serving as village president? I feel I have great leadership attributes combined with a Business Management degree that can help deliver the relevant scope of issues so the board can make informed decisions.

3. From a village president perspective, what issues do you see as being the most important for Colfax and why? The most important issue for Colfax is to create a community with business growth opportunities so we can retain our graduates and attract others to Colfax.

4. As village president, what issues do you hope to bring to the Colfax Village Board or what issues would like to see addressed by the village board? As village president, I would like to see the village board creating inventive ways to expand residences and opportunities to attract businesses.

5. Why are you the best candidate for village president? I offer great perspectives of common sense thinking and am not afraid to question the normal ways of doing things if it means there are better solutions to be found. I also offer a young perspective on ways for growth within the community. With my qualities and the current experience and wisdom of board members, it makes this a win-win opportunity for the Village of Colfax.

Village trustee

1. How long have you served on the Colfax Village Board? Since September of 2012. [Gunnufson was appointed to fill the position after Tina Bradford resigned. Bradford was appointed to fill the position formerly held by Mike Laska.]

2. As an incumbent, what issues are important to you? I enjoy learning about the issues that are important to the residents and making informed decisions that impact our community.

3. What aspects of your background make you particularly suited for serving on the village board? Being raised in Colfax, I see the potential and the needs this community has been striving towards for decades. I hope to vote on issues that bring us closer to these goals.

4. What issues do you see as being the most important to Colfax? I see real estate development and business opportunities to be the backbone of growth for the village.

5. What issues do you hope to bring to the Colfax Village Board as a trustee? In addition to housing development and business opportunities, supporting our infrastructure (streets and public spaces) also is important.

6. Why are you the best candidate for the position? I provide an energized way of thinking about issues. I question the normal way while questing for new, innovative and cost-effective solutions.