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April’s Waiting Child – 3-27-2013

Nathan is a 14-year-old bi-racial boy who enjoys playing video games and sports. His favorite sports are basketball and baseball. Nathan is a very resilient child who is able to maintain his positive outlook on the future.

Nathan is in need of a family that is willing to make him a priority and is able to provide one-on-one attention. He needs a family that will help him with establishing friendships and maintaining them while maintaining appropriate boundaries as well. Nathan is currently attending individual therapy which is addressing this issue.

Nathan’s worker has said that any kind of family would be appropriate as long as there are no younger children in the home. He needs to be watched while interacting with other children as he becomes upset easily when teased by peers. He successfully completed a social skills group to help work on his relationship with peers. Nathan would also benefit from a space he can call his own so he can have the opportunity to distance himself and have alone time when needed.

Nathan currently has an IEP in place to address his need for ongoing support in school. Nathan is in a special education classroom at his current school. His reading and writing skills are currently at a lower grade level than his peers. Due to his cognitive delays, Nathan struggles in most academic areas.

Nathan currently attends physical therapy to address his Scoliosis.

Nathan is a wonderful child with a lot of potential who needs a family to give him a chance to succeed.

For more information about this child or other Wisconsin children waiting for adoptive homes, call Adoption Resources of Wisconsin at 414-475-1246 or 800-762-8063 or visit the website at