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Colfax Health and Rehab – 3-20-2013

This has been a week we will all remember for some time to come. A new Pope was announced and the Viking girls won the game on Thursday evening, 41 to 40, what a game!

Monday started out with the staff enjoying the nice snow that had fallen the night before. Residents didn’t have to venture out of the building, they stayed warm and content. At 10am the resident lounge was filled and we had devotions. We read some Ole and Lena stories after devotions and then we exercised. Instead of the regular routine we put on our boots, coats hats, mufflers and mittens and we all made a snow man complete with black coal for eyes, carrot nose, branches for arms, hat, and gloves. Our imaginary snow man was wonderful. Two of our staff went outside and really did build a snow man.  In the afternoon we were scheduled to have ice cream sundaes. While we were preparing the sundaes for the residents, they used magic makers of assorted colors and drew their version of the snow man we had created in our exercise class earlier in the day. We had snow much fun!

On Tuesday Cathy led the devotion, reading and exercise class. In the afternoon residents and family members gathered in the south dining room to play Bingo. Veda was the caller, while Cathy scurried about handing out prizes. Happy Hour was in the Activity Area. Many residents enjoy the opportunity to socialize during this time. After all one needs some beverage while eating potato chips!

On Wednesday Pastor Schroetter from Barum & Big Elk Creek, Elk Mound led the Church Service. The pianist was Delores Huber. Linnea Thompson came and helped residents by transporting them and helping with the music books. In the afternoon Kathy Irwin led a Sing-a-long while she played the most delightful music. We all enjoyed her program.

On Thursday morning the Red and Blue team faced off and played a rousing game of volleyball. Playing volleyball while sitting in a chair is a lot harder than you might think. Veda came to help. Taek came from Menomonie around noon. She gave manicures to several people in the early afternoon. She has such a wonderful way with hands. Many people came to the afternoon program with “Happy Hands”. Chuck Kirkwood and Lenore Berg entertained us with their arrangements. Lenore plays piano and Chuck plays the Trumpet. They will be having a return engagement May 9th.

On Friday morning we received another round of white fluff. Loretta led the Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen led the Gospel Sing. Delores Huber played the piano. Linnea was not here because she went to the playoff game in Green Bay. She promised to cheer the team, on our behalf since we could not attend the game. Friday afternoon we had a “Bean Bag Birthday Party” for the March birthday residents. The ladies from Tainter/Colfax Methodist Church hosted the Party.

On Saturday afternoon the Colfax Girls played at 12:00 in Green Bay. In the afternoon the Comet 4-H Club hosted a Bingo game at 2:00. What a busy week here in the land of Colfax where the men  and the women are very proud of the players on the Girls basketball team, the coaches and the fans.