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Colfax Health and Rehab – 3-13-2013

It’s late in the season and the first signs of spring are appearing. The only problem is they say “Key West” 1,882 miles south. We will have to settle for just getting the sidewalk shoveled so we can get outside for walk. In the meantime we are staying as busy as possible.

 On Sunday residents enjoyed their breakfast and each other’s company. Breakfasts are everyone’s favorite meal. We get up when we want and have coffee or juice while our special ordered meal is being prepared. The Grace Lutheran Church service was on the TV, and friends and family visited all day long.  Leona Ubbelohde came to visit, like she often does. Shannon spent time with many people. The REX Class’s at 1 and 6 were times to exercise and socialize. Sunday’s dinner was Salisbury Steak Dinner with Blueberry Pie for dessert.

On Monday we had Devotions at 10 AM and Ashley went over current events and then we did some exercise. In the afternoon many people came to the south dining room. We all made Dog Bones. Men and women alike kneaded, rolled and pressed out the dog bones. The weather was nice all day, but then Monday evening it started to snow and it didn’t stop until Wednesday morning. We got a boat load of Snow! That did not stop us from having fun inside.

On Tuesday morning we had Devotion and reading and exercise. In the afternoon we played Bingo, Veda trucked thru the snow and helped us. Our Volunteers are really amazing. We had Happy Hour back in the Activity Area. A bit of the bubbly kept everyone’s spirits high.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Schweitzer from Bethany Lutheran Church in Colfax led the Church Service. Delores Huber was our pianist and Linnea was here to help residents with their books. We had Beauty Boutique planned in the afternoon, but were pleasantly surprised and entertained by the Colfax 7th and 8th grade Choir. Heidi Lieffort the assistant music director sang a beautiful Solo called “100 ways to lose a man”. Carrie Christianson does a fine job inspiring the students. Beauty Boutique was well attended after the concert.

On Thursday morning the resident played Volleyball. We make a lot of noise and have a lot of fun doing it! After dinner we had our Bowling Tournament. Resident cheered each other on. Even some of the visitors tried their hand at bowling. Everyone was ready for coffee and cookies after the game.

On Friday morning we had our Gospel Sing. Julie and Glen led the singing and Delores Huber was once again our pianist. Beautiful music could be heard all the way down the halls. Veda was here to help along with Linnea helping resident where needed during Gospel sing. We had Rosary for our Catholic residents. Rosary was led by Loretta. Dime Bingo was scheduled for the afternoon. Many residents took advantage of the opportunity to make some money.

Saturday after a busy week Shannon played Hollywood and visited with many residents. Just a note for any of you who think you too would like to come and spend some time volunteering, WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU COME. You could just visit with residents, or read to them or help with a planned activity. We are like JELLO. There is always room for one more volunteer here in the Land of Colfax, where the men are strong and the women are looking good.