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Author Fran Lynghaug speaks to English class

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — Fran Lynghaug, author of four books, spoke to a senior English class at the Glenwood City High School last Wednesday, March 6 about writing and publishing a book.

Lynghaug, who resides in Downing, was a dog groomer before she decided one day about ten years ago that she wanted to take her interest in horses and put that into her own words.

 Since then she has authored four books including the latest “Horse Training: Bonding with Your Horse Through Gentle Leadership,” which was co-authored with Dennis Brouse.

Brouse is a horse trainer that has been in the business for 14 years and has a television series on PBS.

The three other books she authored were her first self-published book, “Horses of Distinction: Stars of the Pleasure Breeds.” The second was “The Official Horse Breeds Standards Guide”, which has close to 700 pages filled with over 100 breeds of horses. And the third book, which she only edited, but her name was put on the cover, is called “Your Horse: The Illustrated Handbook to Owning and Caring for Your Horse.”

Lynghaug shared with the students that in her experience, it is best to write something that is of interest to oneself and is also currently popular among publishers. Also non-fiction books have a much greater need than fiction books, which do not sell very well.

Even though she has been sent rejection letters over the years, with passion and persistence she was able to find the right people to publish her books and the right connections to make her living; all from the comfort of her home.