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Dunn County Rifle and Pistol Club, Sportsmen’s Clubs want to remind everyone of gun safety

The Colfax Sportsmen’s Club Inc., Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club and Northwest Rod and Gun Club want to remind everyone about the 1991 Wisconsin Act 139 which was effective April 16, 1992. We also want to remind everyone of the three basic safety rules that everyone should obey.

The 1991 Wisconsin Act 139, statue 174.37 states, “Warning: Whenever transferring a firearm. (1) Upon the retail commercial sale or retail commercial transfer of any firearm, the seller or transferor shall provide to the buyer or transferee the following written warning in block letters not less than one-fourth inch in height: IF YOU LEAVE A LOADED FIREARM WITHIN THE REACH OR EASY ACCESS OF A CHILD YOU MAY BE FINED OR IMPRISONED OR BOTH IF THE CHILD IMPROPERLY DISCHARGES, POSSESSES OR EXHIBITS THE FIREARM. (2) Any person who violate sub. (1) may be fined not more than $500.00 or imprisoned for not more than 30 days or both”. This message is given to anyone who purchases a firearm in the state of Wisconsin and is also mandated for if a firearm is transferred from one person to the next.

There are three critical rules that the National Rifle Association teaches everyone about handling a firearm. Rule one is: Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. The next rule is: Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. The third rule is: Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use. These three rules are taught by all NRA certified instructors.

When it comes to firearms remember safety is number one. When handled and taken care of properly, shooting can be fun and rewarding. For more information on firearm safety or shooting sports please feel free to visit these Dunn County Clubs’ websites: Colfax Sportsmen’s Club Inc., (, Menomonie Rifle and Pistol Club (, or Northwest Rod and Gun Club in Boyceville (