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Colfax Village Board candidate: Beverly Schauer

COLFAX —  The ballot for the April 2 election for Colfax Village Board lists five candidates for village trustee and two candidates for village president.

Here is the profile for incumbent Beverly Schauer, who is running for another term as village trustee.

Schauer, 78, lists her occupation as a homemaker. She has two sons: Darrell and his wife, Linda, of Colfax, and Dan and his wife, Cindy, of Menomonie. Schauer also has six grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

1. As an incumbent, how long have you served on the Colfax Village Board?

I have served on the village board for 19 years.

2. As an incumbent, why have you continued to run for the village board?

It has been my life ambition to see how I can make the Village a better place for all residents and to be especially vigilant about our taxpayers’ money and to stay within our budget. I have served on many different committees, so they really are all important to me. Our Rescue Squad and Police Department are truly a great asset to our village, and they should be commended.

3. What aspects of your background make you particularly suited for serving on the village board?

My background that makes me suited for the village board is the 18 years I served as treasurer for the Township of Red Cedar, Dunn County. Also I volunteer for packing children’s lunches and lots of church organizations. I have served as president in women’s organizations and also as secretary/treasurer. I have been a lifetime organist in my church. I graduated from Colfax High School and took classes in accounting and treasurer at Chippewa Valley Technical College.

4. What issues do you see as being the most important for Colfax?

Issues that are facing the Village are our water and sewer department. Our streets are a constant reminder to be taken care of. Our Village employees are all very important to our village and all do a fantastic job. I would also like to mention the people that take care of our parks for a job well done. When I was chairperson for the parks committee, the bridge across Eighteen Mile Creek was replaced and donated by Anderson Bridges. It has been a lovely addition to our park. Rental units would lower our taxes and so would more economic development.

5. What issues to do you hope to bring to the Colfax Village Board or what issues would you like to see addressed by the village board?

I would like to see our phosphorus situation taken care of, which is a drain on our taxpayers. Pollutant trading is the most economical but is only a Band-Aid to lower the phosphorus. We are mandated by the DNR to do something.

6. Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I think my years on the board have made me a good candidate. I have always tried to do the best for the village, and I will continue to do so. I want to thank everyone who has supported me, and I will continue to confront the issues facing the village in the future.