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Colfax Health and Rehab – 1-30-13

The first three weeks of January have flown by, and we are already looking forward for spring. Spring will bring us warm weather along with the excitement of seeing the progress of our new campus being built. In the meantime we are staying warm and busy.

On Sunday Leona Ubbelhode came to visit and warm up residents with her good humor and caring smiles. Thank you! Sundays are days when friends and families visit their loved ones. We do have REX every day at 1 p.m. and at 6 p.m. REX has become an established seven days a week activity. Residents often go in the resident lounge early, just so they don’t miss REX.

On Monday morning we had devotions, reading and exercise. After dinner Susie Hill hosted a “Show or Tell”. Sue’s trip to Alaska was very interesting. Sue and her friend Shirley Nichols, who was the daughter of one of the original “New Deal Pioneers of the Matanuska Colony” traveled together and had much to share with us of Alaska today and in the past.

On Tuesday morning after a warm cozy breakfast resident gather for devotion, reading and exercise. In the afternoon, the Bingo players gathered to play Bingo and hopefully win a lot of prizes. No one leaves without a bag of goodies. Veda was here to help residents. Happy Hour followed bingo with beverages and chips. This week we served “Barefoot Wine”, along with other beverages of choice.

On Wednesday morning we had a Church Service. Pastor Craig Conklin from Colfax & Tainter United Methodist Church led the service. Delores Huber was the Pianist. Linnea was here to help where needed. Thank you all for your time and talents. You are very much appreciated by us all. Beauty Boutique was the afternoon event. Polishing, pampering and fun conversation over coffee and treats made the afternoon special.

On Thursday morning the Volleyball teams lined up. This week it was men on one side and women on the other side. The men won the game with a BANG as one gentleman burst the volley ball with his mighty blow! Thursday afternoon the south dining room was decked out with pink and spring green decorations. Lacie, our MDS Coordinator brought in her new baby daughter Jenna Rose. We welcomed them with a Baby Shower. Residents played the dice game. When they rolled doubles they picked a prize and then got to steal from others when all the prizes were taken. The pair of Saint Patrick’s Day earrings were stolen the most often. After Lacie had opened her baby gifts we had cake and coffee. The cake was baked and beautifully decorated by our own bakers.

On Friday morning the weather was warmer. The snow softly floated down and looked beautiful. One of the benefits of living here is that one does not have to go out in the snow. Nevertheless, Glen, Julie, Delores, and Linnea ventured out in the weather to host our Gospel Sing. Loretta Logslett led Rosary for our Catholic Residents. The dinner on Friday was Tavern Battered Fish or Brat, Sweet Potato Puffs, California Blend Vegetables or Green Beans, with a choice of Jell-O-Poke Cake or Strawberry Applesauce. The program in the afternoon was Wheel of Fortune. That is one of the resident’s favorite programs and challenges our thought processes.

On Saturday morning the Boy Scout Troop #42 hosted a bingo game. The boy scouts helped many residents win prizes and everyone had a great time. In the afternoon some residents played Hollywood with Shannon. That’s about it for this week from Colfax Health and Rehab, here in the land of Colfax where the men are dependable and the women are resourceful!