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Two candidates for supervisor in Town of Grant

By LeAnn R. Ralph

TOWN OF GRANT — Two candidates will be on the ballot in the April election for Supervisor 2 in the Town of Grant.

Candidates for the April 2 election were nominated at the caucus in the Town of Grant held on January 14.

Bruce Winget, incumbent Supervisor 2, declared non-candidacy for the position and will not be a candidate on the ballot.

Brad Larson and David W. Larson were nominated for the Supervisor 2 position.

Incumbent Chair Mark Dietsche was nominated for the chair position.

Incumbent Supervisor 1 Dave Buchner was nominated for the Supervisor 1 position.

Incumbent Treasurer James Ackerlund was nominated for the treasurer’s position.

Last summer, the Town of Grant approved appointing a clerk rather than electing a clerk.

Incumbent Clerk Ron Horn said he has not yet decided whether he will retire or whether he will stay on as clerk for one more year.

If Horn decides he is going to retire, the Grant Town Board will appoint a clerk to fill Horn’s position.

Within the next month, the Colfax Messenger will be distributing questionnaires to the two candidates for the Supervisor 2 position and will publish profiles of the candidates prior to the election in April.