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Sand Creek Chatter – 1-2-2013

John and Kelsey Anderson, Tyler and Haley of Peoria, IL spent a few days over Christmas with Glenn and Margie Anderson. Joining them on Christmas Eve were Cory and John Schneider, Matthew, Daniel and Andrew. Carol Redmann came to their home after church on Christmas Eve and Sam Follendorf joined them as well.

Jerry and Becky Loftus, Lacey and Lance enjoyed Christmas Day dinner with Rose and Jerome Rud in Elk Mound.

Lynn Anderson, Lee and Charlotte Anderson took their mother, Inez Schrader out for dinner on Christmas Eve day.

Harlan and Lana Anderson hosted Christmas Day dinner at their home for Marc and Kristen Anderson, Isaac and Luke and Beth and Adam Kirby.

Bob and Norma Klimpke were Dec. 25 overnight guests of Harlan and Lana Anderson with breakfast together on Dec. 26 before returning to Mpls.

Harlan and Lana Anderson had Christmas with extended family for Dec. 26 when their guests were: Bob and Mary Hanson, Carol Anderson and Sandy Anderson.

Aaron and Britney Anderson and their dog, Mable of Champaign, IL, were home for Christmas with Sandy Anderson for four days and also spent time with Britney’s parents, Warren and Mary Mikula. Sandy and Aaron hosted the noon meal on December 24 for Warren and Mary Mikula, Brian Mikula, and Britney. As Aaron and Sandy were the hosts.

Home for Christmas with Mae Sparby were: Ron and Mary Keller and Ashley Keller, Erik Sparby from Thousand Oaks, CA, Nick Sparby from St. Paul, MN and Pastor Michael Sparby from Chicago.

Mary Ellen and Ingman Ralph and Swanhild Rasmussen were Christmas Day dinner guests of Gaylon and Hannah Greenhill at their Gronhaug farm near Dallas.

Carol Anderson hosted Christmas Day dinner for Sandy Anderson, Aaron and Britney Anderson, Norma and Bob Klimpke, Bob and Mary Hanson, Emily and Kurt Nielsen and their 5 children and Margie and Glenn Anderson. Margie and Glenn came over and brought dessert accompanied by John and Kelsey Anderson and their two children. The group totaled 21.

Snort Gilberts was happy to have Mark Gilberts and Cindy Gilberts for a few days over Christmas. E.P. Hight and Terry Hight came down from Chetek on Christmas Eve to join them.

Cara and Cadence Clark and a family friend, Karen, drove up to Wisconsin from Carrollton, Texas to spend Christmas with Cara’s parents, Butch and Sue Mares. They also had Christmas Day with Butch’s mom, Beth Mares.

The Dietsche family members that gathered at the home of Paul and Janene Dietsche and family in Marshfield were all six Dietsche families. Present were the family of Debbe Avenido, Joanie and Dean Lindau, Dan Dietsche, Matt and Mark Dietsche and their families and Herb and Doris Tallman on Christmas Day

Toby and Judy Horn drove over to Woodbury, MN on Christmas Eve afternoon and they attended church services at Wooddale Lutheran church in Eden Prairie, MN and then home to Mike and Betsy Horn’s home with Mitchel and Jonathan where the family had dinner together. Then on Christmas morning they opened gifts and celebrated Christmas with joy. When Toby and Judy returned to Colfax, Mike and Betsy’s family went to the home of Betsy’s parents to celebrate Christmas with them.

Alden and Gert Berg and Jeff had company for Christmas Day that included Becky Shnacky, Tim Berg and his wife, Jean Giebenhain, Julie, Vinay and Tobias, Renu and Susha.

Dick and Elaine Clemmens hosted Christmas for all of their family for the evening meal on Christmas Eve including: JoAnne and Tom Piper (JoAnne had her birthday on Dec. 24) and their whole family, Dan and Lisa Clemmens and their family, Joyce Goodremote, Julie and Jim Mendesh and their family The number totaled 28.

Christmas Day Breakfast was hosted by Tom and JoAnne Piper for Travis and Tammy Piper and Hannah, Jamie Piper, Tommy Piper and his fiancée, Grace, Megan and a friend and Dick and Elaine Clemmens.

Gene and Bonnie Peterson entertained their family on Christmas Day at their home. Present were: Pastor Mike and Natalie Peterson and Adam, Corky and Barb VanDorn and Nicole, Ken and Karen Fetterly, Nolan and Nick, Joel and Karen Smith, Jack and Ryan.

Carol Gustum enjoyed Christmas with all of her children. First she was with Connie and Phil Cruse and their family and Steve’s family was included, too on Christmas Eve Day. Then she was with Sue Mares and her family on Christmas Eve and then with Butch’s mom, Beth Mares. She spent Christmas Day with Tom and Sue Gustum and family on Christmas Day.