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Colfax Health and Rehab – 12-26-12

We have been celebrating the coming of Christmas every day this week.

On the 10th day before Christmas Leona Ubbelohde visited and blessed us with her kind words. We had a great Sunday dinner. We went to Rex Classes and listened to Church services and the Packers beat the Bears so we celebrated.

On the 9th day before Christmas we had devotion, reading and exercise in the morning. We had our regular scheduled Rex Classes at 1 and 6 PM. In the afternoon we were entertained by JC Colby’s enchanting music. We had Christmas cookies and we celebrated.

On the 8th day before Christmas we played Bingo in the afternoon. Veda helped with Bingo and the Happy hour, after supper the Northern Lights Barber Shoppers entertained us with their melodious voices to help us celebrate.

On the 7th day before Christmas Pastor Conklin led a Church service with communion, Deloris Huber played the piano, and Linnea helped with the program. In the afternoon the dining hall was decorated with festive décor, the candle lights glowed as we welcome family and friends to the first of our Christmas Galas. Paula Triboliini was our guest pianist. As we sang Christmas Carols, we were surprised when an odd Elf swooped thru the door followed by Mrs. Mary Claus and Santa. They visited everyone as they passed out the gifts and then as quick as a wink they were gone. After the party the next group of well-wishers arrived to sing Christmas Carols up and down the halls. It was Pastor Walck from Colfax Lutheran Church and his confirmation Class. They too came to help us celebrate.

On the 6th day before Christmas Missy Princes’ Kindergarten Classes, 66 wiggly, giggly, bubbly children, sang their Christmas songs and recited poems. In the afternoon the dining room was once again transformed with candles and greens, the second big Gala was starting at 2. Kathy Irwin was the guest pianist. She played Christmas music as family and friends filled the room. Linnea came to help. Just as we started to sing Jingle Bells, the Elf named Brit, Mrs. Claus and Santa arrived. The Elf danced a jig and everyone laugh as Mrs. Claus and Santa joined in with a jig of their own. Gifts were passed and Cherry Cheese Cake was served. While all the merriment was taking place in the South dining room the Eau Claire Rough Riders were having a party of their own in the North dining room where they were hosting a Bingo game. Everyone who came helped us celebrate.

On the 5th day before Christmas Loretta led the Rosary for our Catholic residents. Glen hosted the Gospel sing. Deloris Huber played the piano as we sang our favorite Christmas Carols. Linnea was also here to help with the program. In the afternoon we decorated Christmas cookies and had coffee and ate Christmas cookies and celebrated.

On the 4th day before Christmas our celebrations were with family and friends and much slower pace. We let the magic wand of Christmas remind us that in three days we will, like the 3 wise men, celebrate the birth of Savior and King. Everyone here at Colfax Health and Rehab would like to thank those who volunteered their time, gave gifts and Christmas cookies, and did so many things to make this year’s Christmas festivities so special for everyone. We wish a Merry Christmas to all, here in the land of Colfax, where it’s the Christmas in our hearts that puts Christmas in the air.