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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 12-5-2012

Colfax Health and Rehab News – 12-5-2012

Sunday November 25th was a cold day, but we stayed warm indoors watching the Grace Lutheran Church Service on TV, going to REX classes, visiting with Leona Ubbelohde and enjoying a good Sunday dinner. Family and friends came to visit residents.

 Many families decorated their loved ones rooms with garlands, lights and twinkling Christmas do dads. In the evening the Packers game was disappointing, but being great fans many residents are looking forward to next Sunday’s game with the Vikings. We have several closet Minnesota Viking fans. When the Packers play the Vikings it is always fun for everyone.

On Monday we had devotion, reading and exercises from 10 to 11. After dinner we played “Wheel of Fortune”. Sue Hill and Cathy Davis kept everyone guessing. Coffee and cookies were served after the game. Sue Hill volunteers most Mondays. Last Monday after our Resident Auction Sue helped residents make darling “Turkey” cookies. She has had many clever projects to share with our residents. While we were playing on Monday, Dick, Matt and Ken were hauling a multitude of tubs up from the basement. The tubs contained trees, lights and all the decorations to “Deck the Halls”.

On Tuesday we started to assemble the trees. By noon Veda and Ken and Cathy had the first tree and garland up in the north hall. Residents helped open branches as the Christmas music got us in the mood for the holidays. After dinner and REX we played Bingo. Everyone wins when we play Bingo. Coffee and bars were served after the game and the bar opened for Happy Hour. Cathy was our generous Bar Tender. She kept the residents “Happy”.

On Wednesday Morning Pastor Wollman led the morning Worship Service. Deloris Huber was our pianist. Linnea helped Cathy and Ken transport residents to the service. After a hardy dinner many residents went to the REX Class. Kenzie was the REX Master at one o’clock class. Her good humor and pleasant smile is always appreciated. Taek visited with residents and pampered their hands with her special manicures. In the afternoon we had another “Deck the Halls Day”. The South tree and garland around the nursing station was being worked on while the big tree in the south dining room was assembled. Bulletin boards and front entry way were decorated. The wreaths were on all the resident’s doors, and the table decorations were Holiday ready. The residents, volunteers Ken and Susie Hill and many staff helped put the decorations on the big resident tree! We didn’t count all the ornaments, but it took all afternoon and much of Thursday afternoon to hang them on the tree. Ornaments with the resident’s names on them going back to the 80’s up to the present day were carefully hung on the tree. What memories, just to walk around the tree and remember dear ones from past years. This is the last Christmas Celebration at this location. We will bring our resident ornaments tradition to our new building next year.

On Thursday morning we had our regular volleyball game. Red won. Blue didn’t. No one seems to care because we were having so much fun. Matt and Ken were busy putting up the lights outside in the cold while we played. After dinner we finished decorating the resident’s tree and then put together the Miniboom tree, the Santa Tree and another one too. We don’t know where the other tree will go, but we will find a place. As Thursday came to a close, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents and Julie and Kathy Mitchell led the Gospel sing with Deloris playing her beautiful piano music. Linnea and Veda and Ken were here to help with the program. In the afternoon we played Dime Bingo and later enjoyed some Christmas music while having coffee and cookies.

On Saturday afternoon residents played Hollywood with Shannon. We had another busy week here in the land of Colfax where the men are handy to have around (especially when you’re decorating for the holidays) and the women are grateful for their help!