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Colfax Health and Rehab – 11-28-2012

Sunday, November 18th was another beautiful day, with a cool morning and warm afternoon. Some of the resident’s took a walk after the 10:30 church service. The Packer game was on at noon. A few residents ate their dinners as early as possible so they could watch the game. The Packers pulled it out at the last minute and now have a 7-3 record. The REX class was on schedule at 1 o’clock and at 6 o’clock the REX class played bounce ball. Miniboom residents have their own REX class at 2 o’clock.

Monday morning rolled around and many residents attended Devotion’s at 10 p.m. Alice Masse read a section from her book and then Cathy encouraged  everyone to kick up their heels so everyone had a little exercise. In the afternoon we had our monthly Auction. Everyone gets $10.00 in play money so they can bid on items. Sue Hill was our fabulous auctioneer. The donated items ranged from jewelry, lotions, Christmas items, decoration’s and stuffed creatures to give to grandchildren as Christmas gifts. The peanut butter cookies we served with coffee after the auction were a big hit.

On Tuesday morning Cathy Davis led the Devotions, Reading and Exercise Classes. It was Spiritual, intellectual and physical. After dinner it was time to add “Fun” to the day with Bingo. Veda and Kenny helped with Bingo. After Bingo the bar opened up for Happy Hour. Not everyone has a beverage with spirits but everyone’s spirits are lifted during this social time.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Schoenecht led the church service and served Communion after prayer. Delores Huber was our pianist. Veda and Kenny were here to help with programs. Linnea helped with the church service and distribution of communion. Wednesday afternoon Taek came and helped with beauty boutique. River Boat Randy played his music for everyone Wednesday evening.

Thursday was Thanksgiving Day. The meal was extra special. Many family members enjoyed the meal with their loved ones. Thanksgiving’s extra special meal and family were just some of the reasons we at Colfax Health and Rehab are thankful. We are very thankful for our caring staff, for volunteers that give endless hours of help, and for the support of family and friends in the community. We are blessed to have all of you as part of our family.

Friday morning fell. Winter roared in with snow and high winds to get us in the holiday spirit. Loretta led rosary before the Gospel sing. Glen and Julie led the program and Delores once again was our pianist. Veda, Kenny, and Linnea were here to help with the program. In the afternoon the Dime Bingo game put a little jingle in the pockets of residents as they returned to their rooms. Rex Classes at 1 and 6 p.m. were well attended on Friday.

Cozy and warm, well fed and rested the resident’s got up on Saturday morning and enjoyed another day of programs, Rex Classes and good food. That’s all for this week here in the land of Colfax where the men are hunting and some women are, too!