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Sand Creek Chatter – 11-14-2012

If you have no special plans for Thanksgiving Day, the Café owners in Sand Creek are serving a Thanksgiving Dinner with “all the fixins” on that day. It sounds GOOD!

Friends of Anita Byle, who is located in Guatemala, sent a note on November 8 to reassure friends that she is fine after the earthquake. The missionaries live in an old, wooden, termite –infested building that has seen better days. So, whenever there is a tremor, they go outside to be safe. It was far more than a tremor. The ground under their feet rolled for so long, they started feeling queasy. Her pick-up, too, was really rocking from side to side. It lasted several minutes, much longer than any tremor they had ever felt before. She thanked everyone for emails, concern and prayers. So now, life is back to normal and asked for prayers for those affected in a serious way. She will be sending future bulletins.

As a reporter, I felt that this would be a good time to send a Red Cross report on Jerry Favero, from Fairfield, New Jersey. He is staying at the Hyatt-generator support and no heat. All the rooms are occupied by ARC volunteers. He shares a room with another Red Cross worker who has the bed and Jerry sleeps on a cot. His roommate has a small space heater which helps a bit. The temperature has been in the 20’s. They got a little over an inch of snow yesterday but none today. (This update was written on Nov. 8, 2012 )

His day starts with a continental breakfast at the Hotel and then he reports to Chapter Headquarters for a daily meeting at 9 am. His boss is an RN and the rest of the volunteers are EMT’s. He does Outreach and Shelter visits. Clients call the Chapter to report medical issues- such as need for oxygen, medication, wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, cane, etc. Items or things that were lost or destroyed due to the flooding and wind. The area he works out of was not affected by the flooding, but has severe damage due to huge trees falling during the wind storm. Once a client calls into or visits the Chapter, a form is filled out which then requires a home visit or follow-up phone call to identify if the need is urgent and then the paper work begins. As ARC volunteers they are reminded daily of being good stewards with the donations of money people make to the ARC. A list of resources is provided and they try to utilize any resources that are available to help pay for the service. Nothing happens fast or without numerous paper trails.

Jerry’s car buddy, is Mike, a 22-year-old Harvard graduate who hasn’t found work, so is volunteering with Americorp. Mike just happens to also be an EMT and is from San Francisco. Jerry refers to him as his “Young Padawon” – Jedi Apprentice from the Star Wars movies. Mike seems to enjoy his time with Jerry and they have had some interesting times. Jerry asked him today what he thought the earth weighed and Mike took some time and then came back with a very good answer. Mike talks very methodically and is a deep thinker. His major was Engineering of some sort.

Mike and Jerry were also asked to visit a Shelter today that was having some difficulties. Some of the residents were becoming quite agitated and one was threatening suicide. By the time Mike and Jerry arrived, 4 Mental Health Workers were at the Shelter and the stress had decreased significantly. People want to return to their homes, but they have no power and it is not safe. Some of the landlords have changed the locks on the apartments and homes to prevent owners from returning.

Jerry has lunch at the Chapter Headquarters and then returns to the Hotel for dinner which is very light due to minimal power support.

Well, I guess that is the news from Jerry for the past couple of days. He is doing well and feels good about his service.


P.S. Jerry did mention that the Sheraton Hotel next to them has power. He wonders if it is due to all the power trucks parked in the lot.

Joanie Williams in Morningside Apts. had a friend from Marengo, IL, Marianne Scheriner, visit her for 4 days last week.

Karen Miller of Hagerstown, MD visited Avis Hanson last Saturday.

Bob and Laila Donaldson of Eau Claire visited Elwood and Nina Donaldson one day last week.

Herb and Doris Tallman, Gus and Debbie Avenido, Dan Dietsche, Paul Dietsche and son, Ben all had birthday supper with Joan and Dean Lindau of Medford on Joanie’s day, Nov. 10

Michael Lindau of Medford celebrated noon birthday lunch with his mother, Joan on Nov. 10.