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Glenwood City High School selected as Forestry Education Kit host

The Glenwood City High School Agriculture Department was selected from various schools from across Wisconsin to serve as a host for a Traveling High School Forestry Education Kit.  The Wisconsin Environmental Education Foundation partnered with other agencies to provide funding for the kits.  The purpose of the kit is to increase access to forestry education resources for teachers throughout Wisconsin.

The kit is valued at nearly $3,500 and there is no cost to schools using the kit.  Contents of the kit includes:  tree scales (cruising sticks), diameter tapes, clinometers, 100 foot tapes, GPS units, tree identification keys, Forest Trees of Wisconsin booklets, lesson plans, field guides, and compasses.  Lisa Jagielo, the high school agriculture instructor, has used the kit with her forestry class in the school forest.  Students were able to figure out the forest stand density, health, species identification, and develop a plan for the future use and harvesting of the school forest.  Other local schools have borrowed the kit and used it in their classes for various lessons this fall.

The Traveling High School Forestry Education Kit is available to anyone in the area that educates youth on the principles of forestry.  For more information regarding the kit, or to reserve it for future use, please contact Lisa Jagielo at 715-265-4266 or