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Vote Next Tuesday – Colfax version

November sixth is just days away and it is a time when all Americans need to participate in their right to vote.

The nation’s general election is all set and the choices that the voters make will determine how our country, state and community will appear in the future.

Not only are we being asked to vote for the President of the United States, but for a new United States Senator, Representative in Congress, state, and county offices.

A Facsimile ballot notice for electors in Dunn County appears in this issue of the Colfax Messenger.

Of course the leading contest in the November sixth election is that for President of the United States. Here incumbent Barack Obama (D) is being challenged by Mitt Romney (R) to lead our country for the next four years. There are a total of seven candidates for President of the United States on the Wisconsin ballot. Others on the ballot include Virgil Goode (Constitution Party); Gary  Johnson (Libertarian Party); Gloria LaRiva (Party for Socialism and Liberation); Jerry White (Socialist Equality party); and Jill Stein (Green Party).

Also on the ballot is the voter’s choice for a new United States Senator from Wisconsin. Our present incumbent Senator, Herb Kohl (D) is not seeking another term. Kohl has served as our Senator for the past 24 years. Seeking to replace him are former Governor, Tommy Thompson (R) and U. S. Representative Tammy Baldwin (D).

Ray Boland (R) will challenge incumbent Ron Kind (D) of the Third District, Congressional seat.

In the State Senate District Number 10, Incumbent Sheila Harsdorf  (R), is being challenged by Daniel Olson (D) for the senate seat. District number 10 includes all of St. Croix County, except the Town of Forest, and the following areas of Dunn County: Towns of Lucus, Menomonie, Stanton and Tiffany and the Villages of Boyceville, Downing, Knapp and the City of Menomonie. Harsdorf survived a recall election in June of this year.

In the 23rd Senate District, which includes the Colfax and Elk Mound area, is represented by Senator Terry Moulton (R) and his seat is not up for re-election until 2014.

Representatives to the State Assembly from District Number 67, which includes the following Dunn County townships: Colfax, Hay River, Otter Creek, Red Cedar, Sand Creek, Sheridan, Sherman, Spring Brook, Tainter and Wilson, the Villages of Colfax, Elk Mound, Ridgeland and Wheeler. Here, Deb Bieging (D) is opposing incumbent Tom Larson (R).

County Races

There are no races in the November election for county offices in Dunn County.

In Dunn County, Marilyn Hoyt (D) is seeking another term as County Clerk. Heather M. Kuhn (D) is running as Register of Deeds to replace retiring Jim Mrdutt. Cindy L. Kopp (R) is seeking her first term as County Treasurer in place of retiring Treasurer Mary Erpenbach.