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Colfax Health and Rehab – 10-24-2012

There are five weeks in October and we are half way through the month. It is a busy month and a fun-filled week.

Residents played “Wheel of Fortune” in the afternoon on Monday. The game was followed by a Birthday Party for Ashley’s son who was 1 year old on Monday. Coffee and cupcakes were enjoyed by all, except the birthday boy who fell asleep.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Bingo Hall had many residents and many family members vying for prizes. Veda helped the activity department for most of the day. Later in the day we had Happy Hour in the activity area. It gave residents a chance to relax and socialize before dinner.

On Wednesday morning, Pastor Hal Schroetter from Barum & Big Elk Creek Lutheran Church in Elk Mound led the Church service and offered Communion. Delores Huber was the pianist. Taek Krueger came and visited with many residents. She did manicures and foot massage.

In the afternoon Glen Edberg brought some of his many antique clocks. He charmed the residents with the clock’s many chimes. Each clock was so interesting and Glen said, “I wish the clocks could talk and tell us where they have been and what they have seen.” One of his favorite clocks was his Admiral George Dewey Clock. This clock commemorated the Spanish American War of 1898. His oldest clocks were from about the time of the Civil War. Glen has been collecting clocks since 1971.

In the evening residents gathered as they do every evening for REX Class. The Rex class at 1 p.m. is Range of Motion with a variety of upper and lower exercises. The 6 .p.m class pulled out all the stops. Bouncing balls and laughter fill the room.

On Thursday morning, the “Volleyball Gang” had a rousing game as the Blues battled for the win. The Reds played well. When the dust settled the Blues took the win. The afternoon was more relaxing as residents watched a movie called “The Trouble with Angels”.

On Friday, Veda Kiekhoefer assisted residents to the lounge where Loretta led the Rosary. Glen Edberg and Julie McNaughton led the Gospel Sing while Delores Huber played the piano. In the afternoon it was Dime Bingo time. Later Veda and Cathy went to residents’ rooms with the vending cart. The vending cart has become a fun way to shop for treats.

Last week a Birthday Party for October Residents was sponsored by Nancy Jo Schindler, pianist, and Bernice Pecore from North Running Valley Church and Vicki Hendricks, Elda Marvin, Bev Snyder, and Marion Nichole from Norton Church. That’s all the news for this week here in the land of Colfax where the guys are good looking and the girls like them that way.