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WISPOLITICS.COM REPORT – GOP has edge in race for Assembly

By staff

In addition to the presidential and U.S. senate races, you’ll be voting for your local Assembly-person on Nov. 6.

All 99 Assembly seats are up for election every two years. While most incumbents are returned, there always are lots of changes — especially in redistricting years like this when lawmakers are running under new maps.

Republicans are confident they’ll maintain control, given their wide majority now, new GOP-drawn legislative maps and a competitive presidential race. Currently, Republicans control the chamber 59-39 with one independent.

Rep. Robin Vos of Burlington is running the Republican Assembly campaigns and could be the next speaker of the Assembly. He predicts 57 to 59 Republicans in the Assembly next year.

Peter Barca of Kenosha is the current Democratic leader. He predicts between 44 and 50 seats. If Democrats get to 50, that would give the party narrow control of the House.
Barca says a strong showing by Barack Obama and Tammy Baldwin could help him beat Republican incumbents across the state in traditional battlegrounds like Eau Claire, central Wisconsin and southwestern Wisconsin.

Either way, there will be many new faces in the chamber.

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