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Colfax Health and Rehab – 10-17-2012

The weekend’s weather was cool and refreshing. Residents kept busy and warm with Hollywood game on Saturday.

The REX Classes at 1 and 6 were well attended. The RNA’s have exercise classes every day. They also have a walking program. The residents who can’t walk or come to exercise programs have passive range of motion in their rooms every day. These programs have been very successful and the residents have come to look forward to these every day. We have both Packer and Viking fans that watch every game. Sunday we had both happy and sad residents after the games. Both have high hopes for next week’s games. Leona Ubbelohde came to visit and her optimism cheered up everyone she spoke to.

Monday’s programs were devotions, reading group, and exercise. Alice Massie read from her book of stories. After dinner we had the pleasure of listening to the music of Eric Nielson. Coffee was served with homemade cookies fresh out of the oven. Susie Hill came and visited with many residents, reading and taking some for a walk. After supper residents gathered in the resident lounge for their bounce ball games. The evening snack and a good night’s rest got everyone is good spirits for the following day.

On Tuesday Cathy Davis led the devotions, and reading group. She always brings interesting dialog to these programs. Dinner, Rex Classes and then it was once again “Bingo Time”. Vonnie Flesberg came and helped residents with the game. Coffee and bars were served following the games. The “Happy Hour” bar was stocked with beverages and chips when the residents came to the activity area. Music played as conversation by residents and some family members filled the room.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Craig Conklin from Colfax and Tainer United Methodist Church led the worship service. Deloris Huber played the piano as she does every Wednesday and Friday. Her time and talents are so appreciated. Linnea Thompson was here to help resident. Beauty Boutique in the afternoon was special with the addition of Taek. Taek Krieger comes here to volunteer from Menomonie. She does manicures, foot messages and hand message and visits many residents. What a blessing she has been. Wednesday evening “River Boat Randy” entertained residents after supper in both the north dining room and on Mini Blom. Randy plays a guitar and he invites residents to join in with percussion instruments.

On Thursday morning residents gathered in the north dining room and played Volley ball. It was very spirited. We didn’t keep score because we were all having so much fun. Thursday afternoon it was movie and popcorn time. No one had to be reminded of the activity. The residents simply followed the fragrance of the popcorn.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary and Julie and Glen led the Gospel Sing. Linnea came to help the residents. Veda Kiekhoefer was here to help gathering residents for Rosary and Gospel Sing. In the afternoon the ladies From North Running Valley gave a program and served ice cream and donuts. We all enjoyed the ladies music and treats.

Next week on Wednesday the 17th, we are having a “Show or Tell’ with Glen Edberg at 2PM. He will be demonstrating his collection of clocks. Anyone who wishes to see his program is welcome to come.

That’s all for this week here in the land of Colfax, where the men are anxious to go hunting and the women are just as anxious for them to go.


VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS are Katherine Suvada, Eugene Schmidt and Ralf Halfman in front row, and Julian Knutson, Ring Reetz, in the back row. Pat Davis (in back) was there to help.  – photo submitted