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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 10-10-2012

Yes, Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore. We are in a Wisconsin October. We had 80 degrees one day, high winds that de-leafed much of the beautiful fall colors and by the weekend snow was predicted. Here at our home we were busy decorating for fall with pumpkins, corn stalks, and scarecrows.

Many residents had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day on Saturday.  The “Hollywood” game in the afternoon and the Rex Classes kept everyone busy. Sunday Leona Ubbelhode spread her good cheer around and as usual put smiles on many faces. The Grace Lutheran Church Service that was broadcast both on TV and on the radio was enjoyed by many. The noon meal was Roast Turkey or Pork Chops with Bread Dressing and Gravy, Squash or Peas, Cranberries and Buttered Rolls were served with a choice of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie or Ice Cream.

On Monday morning we had Devotions, Reading Group and Exercise. Alice Massie read us a story from her collection of stories. Susie Hill brought new library books and CDs for resident who have joined our library program. After REX Class at 1 o’clock residents gathered for a Resident Council Meeting. We went over the New Newsletter for the fourth quarter. The newsletter is available online at

On Tuesday morning after Devotions and Reading we got moving with an exercise class. Cathy Davis always has everyone motivated when they leave her activity. At 2 o’clock the Bingo Hall was buzzing with energetic Bingo players. Veda was here and helped all day long with all of the activities. Happy Hour followed Bingo. Residents had some nice social time.

On Wednesday morning Linnea helped gather residents for the Church service. Pastor Sands led the service and Deloris Huber played the piano. Taek Krieger came to do manicures and visited with many residents. Our volunteers our wonderful and giving and very much appreciated. In the afternoon residents had a choice of watching a movie and popcorn or pumpkins painting. We picked the pumpkins from Kyle’s Market Pumpkin Patch. The residents washed and dried them. Most everyone chose to paint painting pumpkins and eat popcorn. The pumpkin painting turned out to be entertaining and amusing.

On Thursday the volleyball players gathered in the north dining room. There was a Catholic Mass at the same time so the teams were a little light. We decided the final score was a tie because we laughed at ourselves so much we forgot the score. Thursday afternoon JC Colby entertained us with his wonderful music. One of the staff said they could listen to him all afternoon. JC will be back in December on the 17th to play for us again.

On Friday morning Loretta led the Rosary for the Catholic residents. Glen and Julie led the Gospel Sing while Deloris accompanied on the piano. Last week Bruce Schroeder was here with his guitar for Gospel Sing. Thank you Bruce for contributing your musical talents during Gospel Sing. Friday afternoon we played Dime Bingo. Linnea was here on Friday helping with activities and playing cards with some residents. It was a fun filled week here in the land of Colfax where the men are “Kinsmen” and the ladies are “Womenfolk”.