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4-H 22ers take Mystery Trip

By: Tate and Quinn Russell


When I first got on that bus, I didn’t know what to expect.

First of all, this was a full-sized tour bus. Not a school bus, a TOUR BUS. Most of the 22ers were there. None of us knew anything about where we were going. We could have gone to Disney World, for all we knew. When the bus started going, they told us we were going to Zero Gravity. Zero Gravity?

I had NEVER heard of it. Then the adult leaders said that it was a trampoline place. Everyone started getting excited right about then.

After a matter of time, we arrived at Zero Gravity. Almost immediately, all of the kids were out of the bus and lining up.

We went inside, and the people who worked there gave out socks with “Zero Gravity” written on the top, and non-slip soles. When we actually got into the trampoline area, I was AMAZED! They had a foam pit, basketball hoops, plain old trampolines, a dodge-ball court, and a toddler area!

First, I tried out the basketball hoops. It was three basketball hoops, all at different heights. I was able to dunk on two of them, the two shortest, of course. Then, I went in the foam pit. There were three trampolines you jumped on to get momentum and then you would go flying into the foam. It was a little hard getting out, though. Lastly, I did dodgeball. It was the most fun thing in Zero Gravity, if you ask me. You would see people go bounce, up, throw, down, repeat. After one hour, we all got back on the bus, hot, and sweaty. It was great!


When we got on the bus from Zero Gravity, the group leaders told us that we were going to a wildlife preserve. It was fun waiting to get there.

When we got there, it started to rain. Inside, we saw a video. Then we got to explore the preserve. There was a lot of stuff. There were bones and teeth, trails and even a gift shop. I didn’t buy anything though. When we got on the bus, we heard that we were going to the Mall of America and Sea Life.

When we got to Sea Life, we looked around and saw hundreds of fish. There were stingrays, jellyfish, swordfish, sharks and much more. We started going through Sea Life. There was a thing that you had to scratch to get a prize, if you got all the questions right. There was even a rainforest as part of Sea Life. When we were done, we got to explore the Mall. My family went to Legoland. Right by it, there was a rollercoaster that dropped you straight down. Then you would do a flip.

Then we got back on the bus for a long ride home.