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Colfax Health and Rehab – 9-26-2012

On Saturday the 15th we had our September “Show or Tell”.

The day was beautiful and that was good because we all gathered out in the court yard and watched as Gary Thorson brought in his display of pots and bowls and mugs and set the equipment to demonstrate the art of making clay on a potter’s wheel. Gary is an artist. Gary sells his wares at local shows. Thank you, Gary, for a great program. Sunday the Residents played “Hollywood” in the afternoon. It was another beautiful day, so many residents got out side for a walk around the court yard.

On Monday morning after breakfast residents came to devotions, reading group and we did a little stretching and exercise. At I pm the REX Class was held and many residents attended. There are REX Classes 7 days a week. In the afternoon it was “Dog Bone Baking Day”. Residents rolled out many dozen bones and after baking them they were packaged and sold for $1.00 a bag for 10. We use the money for activities. We could make them every week because they go so fast. But we don’t. We need time to PLAY.

On Tuesday we PLAYED Bingo in the afternoon. Veda was here to help. We PLAYED ball in REX Class in the evening.

On Wednesday we had Church in the morning and at 2pm we were entertained with music by Steve with Kountry Klassics.

On Thursday we PLAYED volleyball in the morning. Ashlee and her children were here to keep the game exciting. Two of our residents and their spouses had a private anniversary dinner at noon. Both couples were married on September 20th. Dory and Herb White celebrated their 60th anniversary and Richard and Betty Beguhn celebrated their 54th anniversary. On Thursday afternoon some residents went on a Joy Ride. One of their stops was at a staff’s farm. Residents were able to hold and PLAY with new puppies.

On Friday morning Glen, Julie and Deloris were here and we had a “Gospel Sing”. Veda and Linnea were here to help. Veda escorted residents to the resident lounge for Rosary. Loretta led Rosary as she does every week.

That’s all for now from the land of Colfax where the men are tough and the women are tender.