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Betty Hendrickson Olson of Rochester, MN and Phyllis Hansen Johnson of Dearborn, MI met Mae Sparby, Elaine Toycen and Swanee Rasmussen at the Sand Creek Café on Sept. 13 for noon lunch and a time of reminiscing.

Next, Betty and Phyllis met with their classmates in the Chetek Class of 1943 for a Class Reunion held at Red’s in Chetek on Friday, Sept. 14. They got together for their 69th Class Reunion numbering 14 including the spouses.

The Colfax classes of 1941 and 1942 met at the Colfax Golf Course for their 70th and 71st Class Reunions. Elaine Toycen and Lillian Wendlandt represented the Colfax Class of 1942 from Sand Creek and joined Javerna Fjelstad and Dick Toycen and his wife, as well as Lloyd Hainstock and his wife, Maynard Nelson and his daughter, Elaine Bartilson Froiland came from Bloomer with class of 1941 Those added to the Class of 1941 were Ed Ausderau and his wife and Ardys Maukstad Hoveland and her husband as well as Vickie Iverson Hendrick and Swanee Rasmussen who only attended Colfax for two years but joined the group on Saturday.
Aaron Anderson and his wife, Britney, visited their parents, Sandy Anderson and Warren and Mary Mikula on Labor Day weekend.

Phyllis Johnson of Dearborn, MI, spent several days with her cousin, Gene and Bonnie Peterson following her Sept.14 Class Reunion in Chetek.

John Anderson, Tyler and Haley of Peoria, IL spent a few days until Sept. 19 with Grandpa Glenn and Grandma Margie Anderson having a wonderful time.

Dick and Elaine Clemmens attended Dick’s 55th High School Class Reunion from Glenwood City H.S. on Sat. Sept. 15 held at the Baldwin VFW.

George and Delores Vlcek attended Delores’ 50th H.S. Class Reunion from Eau Claire H.S. held at Florian Gardens in Eau Claire on Sept. 15.

Mrs. Tom Gustum celebrated a birthday on September 8.

Pastor Michael Sparby of Chicago spent a couple days with his mother, Mae Sparby during last week.

A surprise 65th birthday party was held for Paul Gilberts on Friday, Sept. 14 at Gilberts’ Dealership.

Colette Knutzen accompanied her husband, Dr. Larry Knutzen a couple of weeks ago when he attended classes for his Optometry work in Vancouver. While there, they met Larry’s two brothers, one from Bremerton, WA and the other brother from Texas.