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Colfax Health and Rehab News – 9-19-2012

Sunday was a beautiful day. A church service from Grace Lutheran church was broadcast on the radio in the early morning and at 10:30 it was on the TV. The fine weather gave many residents the opportunity to be outdoors.

The dinner was roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy. Residents had broccoli or beets. The meal was topped off with apple pie or ice cream. No one goes hungry when that sort of food is served. There were REX Classes at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. These classes are scheduled seven days a week. There are also REX Classes on Minne Blom at 2:30 in the afternoon.

On Monday after breakfast there was devotion, reading group and a little exercise. In the afternoon Sue Hill and Ashley had the residents really thinking hard as they played “Wheel of Fortune”. Coffee and cookies helped the thinking process.

On Tuesday afternoon the Bingo players were all waiting at the tables when the clock ticked two. Bags of goodies including small stuffed animals (thank all of you who have donated them!) were taken back to their rooms. The regular “ Happy Hour Folks” went from Bingo to the Activities area to enjoy some social time with their friends.

On Wednesday morning Pastor Walck from Colfax Lutheran Church gave the Church service. Deloris Huber accompanied him on the piano. The Beauty Boutique opened at 2 p.m. and many hands were pampered in the process. Coffee and a bit of chit chat were the side benefits. “River Boat Randy” entertained us with his guitar classics, for a couple of hours in the evening.

On Thursday morning the volleyball players were lined up and waiting to play. Ashlee Coates, and her twins, Ellyssa and Austin and Karen Wagner came to play volley ball and help residents. The Blue team played hard, returning ball and scoring 13 points. However the “Red Team Power Played” at the end of the game and came away with the win-15 points! Thursday afternoon was movie and popcorn time. Many residents watched the movie called “ Bedtime Stories” as they munched on popcorn and sipped soda.

On Friday morning Loretta led Rosary for our Catholic residents. The Gospel sing that followed Rosary was led be Glen Edberg and Julie McNaughton. Deloris Huber once again was playing the piano. Beautiful songs of faith filled the hall. Linnea was here to help transport residents just as she does every Wednesday and Friday. After lunch the residents went to REX and then the Dime Bingo Game started. We had coffee and bars after bingo. The vending cart went door to door and many residents bought some extra things they might need on the weekend.

We had a Special Guest on Saturday (which I will not tell you who until next week). So stay tuned into the Messenger next week. That’s all for this week here in the land of Colfax, where the men are hunters and the women are gatherers (OK- Shoppers).